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City corporation election white wash, a defeat for Awami fascism and a mandate for justice and restoration of caretaker government.

Written By: Mozafor
16/06/2013 0:51

BNP must not be complacent with the result; there are many hurdles to pass in near future, especially the question of caretaker government must be resolved. Today’s result is a victory against bullet, wide spread corruption and multitude of injustice carried out by this government. BNP must not forget the role of Jamat and Hifazote Islam in this historic victory and must synchronize all their strategy with their allies. Awamileague will try their best to portray this defeat as evidence of their neutrality. But we know local election does not carry the same importance as the parliamentary election for the government, and they will take every opportunity to rig the parliamentary election in their favour if it happens under them. So a demand for non-partisan interim government is a must. Not only we need to ensure that a free and fair election is held, but it’s also imperative on the people to remove this government from power for failures on many bilateral issues that are as important as our domestic issues.

The government promised to resolve our many bilateral issues with our neighbour India, because they said they are the pro independence party most liked by India. But what did we get other than killing of felani and daily killings of our citizen on the border by BSF. For the last 12 years Indian Diplomats have been saying to us that they are exchanging information on Tista water distribution agreement; consoling us by stroking on our back. While we are sleeping, they are making our country a place for their economic growth. Even they showed the audacity to tender for container port in Narayan Gonj without our government knowledge.  We can’t even get a 17 kilometre of transit facility with Nepal through India, yet they are using our roads for their transit. Are those not a show of left thump to our sovereignty, and dignity? This is only happening because of our slavish like government. We did not tear the shackle of slavery from Rawalpindi, only to become the slave of Delhi.

Awami government promised the nation to give employment to our youths in every household, reduce rice price to ten taka, and the promise to take Bangladesh to a digital age. We did not achieve any of them, rather the government made sure our investors in share market lost millions, individuals and companies looted banks, and government ministers had their share of 4%, whether it is in railway or in construction of Padma Bridge. They also had an allergy to poke on the buttocks of Jamati Islam, arrest all their leaders, concoct and frame them for war crimes and kill their supporters for showing dissent. Then they invented Shabag, did blasphemy and dishonoured our prophet which gave rise to Hifazote Islam and then massacred thousands of their supporters in one fateful night. After a miserable four and half years of torment, the country have seen some light with the mayor election white wash but even then, for Awamileague, defeat has to be something to do with Jamat. I say this, because I saw a comment on a newspaper article which read: “Jamat achieves 50% of Awami Vote! How come they get 50%, while they are anti liberation, who gives them vote? Sheikh Hasina must find out.” Well brothers, I was wondering did he say this sarcastically or did he really mean it?  If he meant it, then he must go and see a psychiatrist, for Jamat has become a disease for them, and if he didn’t, then – well- who could blame him for mocking Sheikh Hasina.



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