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Madam Zias’ predicament and Awamileagues wishful thinking

Written By: Mozafor
14/06/2013 15:39

Begum Zias’ two sons has powerful influence on matters of important political decisions that can some times complicate things or alienate other leaders within her inner circle if they overrule their advice to her. There are some elements within her party that have been bought by Awamileague and play an informant role. Others are leftist who don’t like her association with the Islamist and then there are those who are hateful towards Jamati Islam. Another of her problem is that she is encircled by aging leaders that are too cautious and not so bold to take the fight to the government. Begum Zias’ own health problem is an impediment to her ability to be active and mobile and too often she is unable to meet her party activists or visit them in order to give them moral boast.


State Minister Mr. Shansul Haque Tuku, in his speech back a few weeks ago, advises Begum Khaleda Zia to take lessons from Shapla action against Hifazot Islam ,accusing begum Zia for the lose of life, damaging democracy and putting a barrier to war crimes tribunal, and even suggesting BNPS’ obliteration as a political party. It sounds like a virtuous speech coming from a virtuous State Minister. Little does he realize that the problem point to their actions which are intrinsic to the nature of Awamileague rather than alluding to BNP. Historically, Awamileague has been the most wanton party to destroy democracy, kill people, and plunder countries wealth open-handedly. In fact, they are the most problem creator than a solution provider. They have this belief for Sheikh Mujibs’ most fancied system of government called ‘BAKSAL’:  where one party rules and one opinion prevails over millions of Bangladeshis, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they are the most arrogant, selfish, cunning, and hypocritical politician in Bangladesh. As for war crime tribunal, surely, he must have realized, it has become a burden for them rather than a let off.


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