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The Syrian conflict is simply good vs. evil

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
11/06/2013 21:55

The Syrian war did not start two years ago. It started when the colonisers attacked and occupied the region. They systematically dismantled the social and political infrastructure that held the Muslim world in that region together. They looted the land and stole the wealth and property of the Muslim, Christian and Jewish people to increase the richness in their respective home countries and decorate their churches and museums with art effects and religious relics. The entire region was ransacked and left totally ruined. 

The influence of pan-Arab nationalist and socialist ideologies that followed the postcolonial era also paralysed the Middle East. Majority of the rulers came from that background and ruled their people with an iron fist. They became dictators and despots over time, which further exasperated the problems in that part of the world. Jamal Abd Al-Nasir, Sadat and Mubarak of Egypt, Saddam Hussain of Iraq, Gaddafi of Libya, King Hussain and his son Abdallah of Jordan, Al-Saud family of Saudi Arabi, Emirs of United Arab Emirates, the rulers of Bahrian and Oman, Habib Bourgiba and Ben Ali of Tunisia and the military rulers of Algeria are all part of that problematic ideology. 

These illegitimate rulers neither liberated the Arab masses from the postcolonial stranglehold nor make them prosperous economically. In fact the education standard and intellectual prowess of the Arab people sharply declined during these eras. Arabs who were once the leading pioneers of knowledge, scientific expertise and innovation were now totally destroyed by their rulers; the outcome included total lack of freedom, political stagnation, wide spread illiteracy, rampant poverty and unfair distribution of wealth. 

While the masses suffered acute level of underdevelopment, poverty and desperation, the one thing the ruling elite successfully achieved was a remarkable amount of personal wealth that they amassed and stored in foreign banks, off shore accounts and owned luxury homes in the richest parts of the world.

In the 1970 Hafiz al Asad took power in Syria through a military coup and gradually instituted a state of emergency that left the country in the hands of a small band of people from one minority sect called the A'lawite of the Shi'a thought. The country has been in total control and in the hands of this family and close friends, especially those from Awalawi sect and Ba’thist political background. 

Hafiz al Asad consolidated his power by eliminating his opponents mercilessly even from the beginning. The army crashed the initial opposition to his Ba'thist and extreme secularist/socialist political agenda that he was imposing on the majority Sunni Muslim population. The problem is no different to any minority rule, the majority in this case felt disengaged from politics, isolated, discriminated and often persecuted. The Sunni community who forms the majority in Syria has been politically marginalised and any potential for opposition has been quashed brutally by the Asad regime. 

Do not forget the mass murder of over twenty five thousand people in Hama in 1982 by the father of Bashar Al Asad. This was a calculated operation carried out by the brother of Hafiz A Asad. He was the head of the army at that time and what followed was a Hitler’s Nazi style execution of men, women and children. The evidence of this despicable act of mass murder still stands in Hama. I have visited the sight of the atrocity while I was living in Syria several years back, the surrounding houses still stood bearing the hallmark of bullet holes from guns and tanks. I have spoken to the local people who eye witnessed the massacre and who lost their loved ones. I heard from their mouth the horrific and detailed account of those 27 days of siege and murder by Hafiz al Asad’s regime. 

Those who claim that majority of opposition on the ground today in Syria fighting against the Asad regime are foreign mercenaries have forgotten that the recent rebellion started in a small area called Deraa in March 2011. They were demanding release of their loved ones who have been political prisoners and rotting in those Syrian hell holes for years without any charge and in conditions that can only be described as barbaric and inhuman. Bashar Al Asad was carrying on with his father’s legacy! 

Their demand was met with guns and bullets from the regime’s thugs. The discontent very soon spread across various cities in Syria and this was met with military tanks and machines guns. In a short space of time hundreds of people were killed. Not only the army was deployed but paramilitary group called the Shabbiha (usually composed of Alawite young men who are extremely loyal Bashar al Asad) was carrying out terrible atrocities. 

I was in Syria just a month ago and while I was there the Syrian regime were dropping bombs using their Russian made aircrafts on innocent civilians in towns and villages. One fell with a mile of where I was. Our local guide had to drive his car at a break neck speed to avoid being bombed! I saw with my own eyes that the regime was droppings cluster bombs on schools, mosques and hospitals. I saw with my own eyes that the regime was bombing refugee camps. In all cases majority of those who were killed were the innocent children and women. 

Whether you are Shi’a or Sunni, Muslim or non-Muslim, supporting this murderous regime is criminal and justifying such a position is repugnant. This conflict was started by the regime and will not end until this regime has fallen. This fight is good against evil and freedom against tyranny. This fight is democracy against dictatorship! 

Those who are scaremongering that the Syrian opposition have been totally taken over by foreign mercenaries need to get their facts right. I agree any foreign fighters in Syria must leave now and should be thrown out of the country. This includes the shameless Hezbollah fighters in Syria. In fact the Hezbollah are glorifying taking part in the killings of the Syrian people whereas the FSA is only fighting the regime. 

I agree foreign interference must be stopped including the Iranian supplying arms to Bashar al Asad, Russian and Chinese military and intelligence support to the regime. For as long as there is such support other nations would provide support to the real Syrian people. Alternative is a total genocide of the Syrians and no civilised person can stand silently and watch this unfolding right in front of their eyes. 

The fact is one hundred thousand people have been killed in Syria and they are local Syrians and more than 99% of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) comprises of Syrian people including the regime deserters. I have met a few of those young people who have fled the Syrian Army and joined the FSA. Some of them told me the reasons they left the regime. When they were fighting for the regime they were held hostage to blackmail and their families were threatened. They were ordered to carry out some of the most heinous crimes against innocent people. The order was clear, kill anyone who speaks against the regime, kill their families and destroy their homes and property. 

Anyone who supports violence, rape, death and destruction of a people who are simply demanding their freedom, are guilty of aiding and abetting evil. One who does an evil and one who supports or tolerates an evil will both rot in hell.

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