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Awamileague opened a Pandora’s Box with Shabag project. Indian intelligence agency are worried

Written By: Mozafor
10/06/2013 15:14
Burning Issue

It has been reported in a recent report that Indian intelligence agency (RAW) having made their analysis, are worried for BD awamileague prospect for winning the next election. Their observation is that Shabag bloggers have made negative impact on the popularity and support of Awamileague with the general public and have opened a Pandora’s Box which had not been there before. Hifazote Islam has become a factor, and even a report in Washington Post confirmed that fear that Islamic movement in Bangladesh are increasing their support with the public.


The Indian intelligence service further commented that both India and America want to see the present government in power again, but the likely hood of this possibility will be hard to achieve. However, RAW did not say why they want to see a brutal authoritarian government in power, rather than one elected by popular vote. I guess, it is to do with selfish interest of hegemonic powers that are drawing new road map for future strategic interest, so that the government that most serves them are best fitting to be in power.


The only impediments to their dream are the nationalist patriotic and conservative Islamic party’s hence their fear for them. A Source of extensive, but unforeseen troubles for the people of Bangladesh is on its way, thanks to India, and America’s game plan

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