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An example of extortion racketeering run by Bangladesh Police: millions pocketed by threat and coercion.

Written By: Mozafor
08/06/2013 22:12

Our story begins at Dhaka University when deputy commissioner Mullah Nazrul was then a student, and an Awami Cadre. By a turn of fate and favour from top Awami official, he has now become a police officer. But his old habit of extortion had remained with him, this time with the help of fellow officers, he run an extortion racket forcing local business men to pay money, or else face arrest and police remand. Recently when a report came out in the media of his misdeeds, he was only moved to another department without receiving any punishment.


DB Mullah Nazrul, according to a media report, has taken 86 Lakh taka from a business man by the name Qayum, apparently for getting rich by illegal business ventures. It was a strait forward demand made by police; “give us a share of your money or face arrest” The man had no idea of his ordeal that was about to happen. The police hoodlum came to his house one night and demanded money from him. When he asked them timidly, for what crime he had been threatened, they beat him, punch him, ransacked his house, and told him to shut up and pay 3 cror taka to their boss DB Mullah Nazrul or face arrest. When Mr Qayum told them he had no ability to pay them this that kind money, he was beaten up again, and taken to DB office for further beating. Eventually Mr Qayum came face to face with DC Mullah Narzul, after a further beating, he was told to pay a reduced amount of Taka 2 Cror or the police will file false case against him, and will ask for thirty days remand for questioning. Hearing this, shiver travelled racing all over him, and the poor man had no option, but to make some phone calls from the DB office to arrange money for his release. And eventually, he managed to arrange 86 Lakh Taka, and begged DB Mullah for his release, as he could not give any more. Finally he was released with a kick in his buttock, but the man had powerful connections, so he made sure that DB Mullah Nazrul was being investigated. So the story abruptly ends here with DC Mullah Nazrul transfer to DB protection pending investigation. The way things are in Bangladesh, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear in a few months time that Mullah Nazrul has been cleared of all allegations, and he is now been awarded medals for honesty and professionalism.

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