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In today’s world, hegemonic powers sees Islam as their main threat replacing communism

Written By: Mozafor
08/06/2013 22:09

Once upon a time, communism was the main contender for the capitalist Zionist axis for ideological battle, but now, Islam, Islamic movement and governments are the new rival for the west today. Bangladesh is no exception to myriad of countries that are victim of enemy plots to create divisions among Muslims to impede their progress. The most important duty of Muslims in the world today is to remain vigilant and to know their road map, trickery and deception in order to be able to take appropriate action and avoid mistakes.


The enemy’s main plan is to create rifts and internal conflict among Muslims, so, unity, solidarity, and strong bond are more pressing needs of the Muslim world today. Hegemonic powers are always looking for opportunity to intervene; they would use the same tricks of divide and rule as they did in the seventeen century. Traitors like Mir Jafor Ali Khan are not hard to find. Our country’s modern Mir Jafor is the despised Moin U Ahmed. He exchanged the lives and dignity of people for a miserable price. His lavish life in America won’t last for ever. Sooner or later all that riches he pocketed will be left behind for another to enjoy, for he - will never come back from his grave. I recently heard, our Army Chief including Home Minister, Foreign Minister are going to America at the same time; apparently for different reasons, but one can not dispel doubts as to their real intensions. Is there another grand plot about to be hatched in America? I hope not, but our opposition must stay alert for any eventuality

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