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Written By: Mozafor
08/06/2013 21:48 08/06/2013 21:45

Suronjit Shen Gupta mocks Hifazote Islam and Sayed Ashraf says those intellectual who call for caretaker government were the slave of Pakistan military administration. Mr Ashraf has forgotten it was Awamileage who imposed 173 days of Hartal for the provision of Care Taker Government, and his Home Minister Moka Alamgir served as an additional district administrator under East Pakistan military rule in 1971. Who then is the slave of Pakistan?  As for Suronjit comments, he should be slapped twice on his face that may remind him on his personal deeds and the cowardice nature of his party’s brutal killings of Hifajot Alims. In my opinion, Hifajote activists were the bravest unarmed men on that day facing a three pronged attack by the Police RAB and the BDR.


That man Suronjit is an impossible political shame. Others in his situation, after having caught red handed receiving bribe money would have died of embarrassment, but he goes on shaking his head side by side criticising others. Should he not see his own face in the mirror?

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