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Sylhet Mayor Election: Air of neglect, putting the sun back to Sylhet

Written By: Mozafor
07/06/2013 21:05
Burning Issue

Two times mayor Qamrans’s luck is about to change. With the cloak ticking, a new revelation of sordid details has dampened the smile off Qamrans’s face. A woman has claimed to be his second wife has been reported by a National Daily ‘Amadershomy’. The woman claims that Qamaran had married her after lengthy affairs, and now lives in a flat in Dhaka with her 15 years old daughter from a previous marriage. Outgoing Mayor Qamran regularly visits her, and provides financial support as well as buying other assets in her name. If that is not a reason for change, at least in the ethical sense, then let me give you another reason for damping him in the bin, and that is his failure to carry out tangible development in the metropolitan city, despite having two terms administrative power. His niceties with the public are far less important than development. What Sylhet needs is a change of leadership and an opportunity for another candidate to come in his place and prove himself to the city dwellers.


I have heard at many times, from numerous friends, Qamrans friendly nature with the people, and I do not deny this; but the whole idea of change in political power is a practical solution to human weakness. Those who spend too long in office have a tendency, are to start enjoying power for its own sake, and ultimately become addicted to it, rather than using whatever influence they may have for the overall good of the community who elected them.


Our Sylhet city facilities and quality of life have declined a long way over years of neglect. It is going to take a major effort to restore things to the way they should be, but that is no reason to delay. We must start now. Unite behind change and not dwell in internal strife among the 18 party alliances. At least for the sake of chopping a hand of Awami hold in sylhet.

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