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The Daily Star misleads yet again; claims that Gen. Niazi book states that Jamat were the main 'razakars'.

Written By: TashLife
11/06/2013 0:03 07/06/2013 20:39


Lt Gen Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi served as the last Governor and Martial Law Administrator of East Pakistan. He was the commander in- Chief of Pakistan armed forces Eastern Command. On 16 December 1971, he signed the famous ‘Instrument of Surrender’ document on behalf of Pakistan Army’s Eastern Command, to Commander in-Chief of Indian and Bangladeshi forces in the Eastern Theatre of military operation.


A Daily Star report titled “Niazi's book mocks Jamat” ( exaggerates and distorts regarding what Niazi says about Jamati Islam being recruited as the paramilitary group for Pakistan during the 1971 war. When first reading the Daily star report, it seems convincing that this is indeed what Lt General Niazi said in his book titled “The betrayal of East Pakistan”. However, after actually reading the book, there is no mention of Jamati Islam forming the paramilitary groups as implied in the article by Daily star. On the contrary Niazi states that it was organized by GHQ of Pakistan army. Then there was another paragraph where Daily Star says, “according to Niazis Book army of Rajakars were recruited from rightist Jamati Islam men” .


To an ordinary reader the word “according to” could mean facts from the book but to a more experience reader this statement is vague and could be his own opinion, and as suspected, this also appears to be untrue, as Niazi never mention men from Jamat but says they were recruited from Biharis and the local population. The article quotes Niazis book, but without giving page number. So to an ordinary reader it would sound sensational because it is being quoted from Niazis book hence no need to doubt. But the reality is, it is an intentional trickery by Daily Star, distorting facts in order to mislead people; because they know that not many people will go to buy the book to verify the claim.


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