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Syrian conflict – Iran and Hezbollah entre the fray

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
22/05/2013 17:23
Burning Issue

In any war there are the good guys and there are bad guys. In this Syrian civil war, the good guys are the Syrian people and the bad guys are Bashar Al Asad and his thugs. The evil of this regime cannot be described in words; it started from Hafiz Al Assad, the father of the current president. He came to power through a military coup. He was inspired by the Ba’athist ideology and ruled the country with an iron fist, terror and extreme punishment. He massacred his opponents regularly.

The Western educated son, Bashar Al Asad was thought to have some civilizing streak in him but he has lived up to his father’s brutal reputation. In order to stay in power, he has given his people an ultimatum; you either accept his rule or get killed. In this fight the choice is clear, we should all support the Syrian people and oppose the evil dictator. We should campaign to bring Bashar al Asad and his thugs to the international criminal court for war crimes.

Today I have a confirmed report of at least 30 Hezbollah fighters killed and scores injured while fighting in Syria. Can someone please tell me what is Hezbollah doing in Syria and who are they fighting for? Reports indicate that they have taken part in the killing of Syrian people. If people of Syria are fighting a dictator who has been responsible for the death of more than a hundred thousand people, rapes of thousands of women and young girls and destruction of Syria, why is Hezbollah siding the dictator and becoming part of the brutal killing machine of Asad? I thought Hezbollah’s moral purpose was to defend its borders from Israeli attacks? Mr Hassan Nasr-Allah, why are your men inside Syria? Who are you helping? Whose agenda are they serving? It is not befitting of a man of our stature to side evil. Is it not in total contradiction your faith?

I have also extremely reliable intelligence that confirms Iran is supplying arms and logistical support to this evil regime. Iran should not be supporting dictators in any part of the world if it claims to be an Islamic country and a civilized democracy. I thought the Ayatollah Khamenei is on record condemning USA for aiding and abetting many proxy wars in the world. Surely he cannot be following the USA’s footsteps now? Mr Khamenei, let me remind you of the words of God that I believe you hold very close to your heart, that is, taking one life is tantamount to taking the lives of the entire humanity and saving lives is similar to saving the lives of the entire humanity and you must stand for justice and fairness even if it means you have to go against yourself, your families and friends. For justice is closest station to Godliness. Mr Khamenei you cannot claim to be a holy man with depth of spirituality and God consciousness and at the same time support a murderous and evil regime!

This fight has never been sectarian, never between the Shi’a community and the Sunni community. I lament at the prospect of it ever becoming one! Yet the war is fast sliding into a sectarian one that could draw all the neighbouring countries. It would cause carnage reminiscent of nothing ever in our history. The instability and blood bath would be untold and unimaginable. This would take us back hundreds of years; it would cause instability in the world and certainly be the beginning of the end of Syria. It is a shame that the Hezbollah and Iranian leadership would unleash the venom of destruction on the region. There is still time to pull back and support the Syrian people become free.

In the words of a poet – “One who does an evil or one who tolerates an evil, are both destined to burn in hell.”

© Ajmal Masroor May 19, 2013

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Syrian Conflict 


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