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Under The Tyrant

Written By: AhmedRizvi
18/05/2013 17:43

The general people of Bangladesh are passing days under the tyrant rule of Awami League regime for four years. Awami League, the ruling party of Bangladesh bring the country as a policei state when the country constitutionally known as Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. It seems that the country is going to become a one party ruled state.

The fundamental rights of the citizens are taking rest on the page of constitution book, but not in practice. The Government broking citizens fundamental rights harshly day after day when he set on power.

One of the most important fundamental rights for citizens is the rights of exposing free opinions also publishing the thoughts and views" are brutally vandalized. For example, in this period the present government shut down many print and electronic media such as The Daily Amardesh, The Shirsonews,com, The Diganta Tv, The Islamic TV, Sonar Bangladesh blog, Amar Bornomala blog etc. They are also not satisfied by closing those medias but they are arresting the editors, journalists and bloggers of those media. Mahmudur Rahman editor of The dailly  Amardesh are in prison for many days. Many bloggers are also send in jail, one of them Farabi Shofiur Rahman is widely known to the online activists. Govt. claim that’s these media and peoples are spreading unlawful thoughts and views around the country which are harmful for the state, that’s why the Govt. take necessary steps against those electronic and print media. But the responsible authority of those off media denies the accusation. They claim strongly that the real reason is that the government doesn’t tolerate the opposition media and persons who are reveling the country wide illegal activities of the ruling party.

After four years of ruling The Law and Order situations are came under bottom of countries history. Peoples are facing too many critical problems. Poverty, corruption, Political unrest and Natural digesters are surrounding the nation from everywhere. For every problem the Government blames the opposition party as they are behind those things. Especially the Govt. claims that the opposition is conspiring to stop or vanish the current trial of anti human activities of 1971. Few opposition leaders are in custody when they are accused for the crime. But opposition parties deny the Govt. accusation strongly. They claim the Govt. trying to hide the national and local problems behind such kind of bogus accusations.

Peoples are trying to get-out from this heart locking condition but the government is trying to take benefits from currents situations. They have no intention to solve the problems but making newer to hide past one.

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