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The BD government shutting the voices smartly!

Written By: Sham
19/05/2013 0:45 18/05/2013 5:25
Burning Issue

Provided the situation we are facing right now in Bangladesh, we think the recent circulation of the statement by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) regarding reducing down the uploading speed to 25% for the mass internet users is another big step to stop spreading the evidences of government’s oppressions. Since the entire media is favoring the government too nakedly, the true situation has been extracted from the uploading evidential photos, audios and videos from many corner of the country. Many individuals willingly brought up the true scenario of the major occasions trough uploading evidential photos, audios and videos in the internet. No doubt these individual efforts from across the country drastically affected and questioned the image of the government. The governmental bodies have been seriously questioned by many international organizations for their oppression and injustices, but Bangladeshi media seldom acknowledged those facts to the public. That is why we can see a serious disparity between the reports of Bangladeshi media and international media in every occasion.   


Recently, dated 15-05-13 the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) circulated the following statements to all internet operators ordering all to limit the upload bandwidth up to maximum 25% for all the clients. (The entire statement is given bellow after this article; you may have a look at it.)

We believe that this will have several harmful effects over a large number of Bangladeshi people especially those who are professionally involved with earning through internet based out sourcing activities. Most of these people lost their entire investments in last share market scandal of 2010-2011 sessions. The victims of that share market scandal are most likely to be victimized again for such restriction in uploading. However, many critics think that this restriction is imposed just to stop and minimize the level of uploading the evidential photos, audios and videos in the internet that goes against government.     

Whoever following the recent political events of Bangladesh must be aware of the fact that almost the entire media of that country is biasedly favoring the government’s inhuman activities and injustices by hiding true perspectives and information. Understanding the formation of the current government will make this fact much clear. The current governmental power is a political alliance formatted by secular fundamentalists’ political party named Bangladesh Awami league and anti religious communist fundamentalists’ political parties some of them are Communists party of Bangladesh, Socialist Party of Bangladesh, Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal, Workers’ Party and so on. Looking at the controlling power in the Media sector of Bangladesh in terms of ownership and ideological view point of the representatives, we see the same kind of people like the government party’s alliance are dominating  the media sector extensively.  That is why the media is desperately favoring the government to keep their like minded political regime stay longer in power.

From last few years, the media of Bangladesh nakedly favored the government, that is why the entire nation lost their trust on the media and they are now relaying on the youtube and facebook uploads from across the country. As a result, a simple facebook fun page named Basherkella became very popular by just accumulating several spot news posted by individuals and publishing them in real time basis. That particular page was also blocked three times by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC)  and every time they retrieved back opening new page and managed to get beck there huge audience within few days. currently the have 265,989 audiences. It was the one of the fastest growing facebook page in the world during the time of it’s beginning. In addition, up until now those very few Medias tried to release the true story recently were either banned or their editors were put in prison. Among them, Amardesh newspaper were banned once, its editor was arrested twice, still now he is in jail. A news portal named Shirsha News was banned and its editor was arrested too. Channel one, Islamic-TV, and Diganta-TV are now banned by the government.  



                                        The circulated statement by BTRC


Dear All

You are requested to comply the Directives regarding VPN vide no. BTRC/E&O/VoIP (177)/2005-24,Date:06-01-2010. Following on the Directives, you are directed to execute the below mentioned:

1. To limit the upload bandwidth up to maximum 25% for all the clients (ISPs) from 6 PM today (15.05.2013) onwards until further instruction from BTRC.

2. As per clause no.1 of the Directives, the VPN port allowed for Bank, Financial Institutions, Software Development Firms (BASIS Members),Travel Agents, Embassies and Govt. Agencies less than 512 Kbps can be continued but have to intimate to BTRC with the list of users with Source & Destination IP Addresses within 07 (Seven) Working Days. After that intimidated users less than 512 Kbps must be disabled.

3. As per clause no. 2 of the Directives, VPN Port should be disabled for any individual or other entity less than 512 Kbps except the categories mentioned above from 6 PM today (15.05.2013) onwards until further instruction.

4.Above 512 Kbps, any intimidated VPN Port should not be allowed in favor of any user/client from 6 PM today (15.05.2013) onwards until further instruction.

Thanks and Regards

Sabina Islam
Senior Assistant Director
Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC)





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