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It is legal to kill Muslims all over the world!

Written By: Sabir
09/05/2013 1:11 09/05/2013 0:32



Islam itself is a political system, which is a threat to the "Conventional Democracy"; even though Islamic political system recognises democracy to elect leaders, however, money does not control that democracy unlike the “Conventional Democracy” which we know today. Moreover, Islamic political system is not only a threat to the "Conventional Democracy" but also a threat to the UN (New World Order)! Because "Khilafat" was removed very tactfully to establish the UN, in order to secure the Zionist state, known as Israel. As Jews are waiting for the last prophet; therefore, the capitalists, who are controlling the UN, are desperate to dominate and obliterate the Islamic world, in order to secure the Zionist state, by misinterpreting Islam and portraying Muslims as “Terrorists” through media. As a matter of fact, people all over the world already know their criminal activities and propaganda, no matter how much they try to control the media and UN; however, unfortunately no one (including communist regimes) dare to talk and protest, because they (capitalists) have the sophisticated technology to kill innocent people, e.g. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In other words, they are ruling the world by threatening all the countries, and sucking blood from the poorest nations by dictating the puppets leaders.  

In addition, whoever will talk about the true teachings of Islam, he/she will be known as either Taliban, or Fundamentalist Islamist, and eventually will be known as a "TERRORIST"-this is what we call "World Politics"! In other words, Muslims have no right to follow the true teachings of Islam even in their own countries! And, even if they try to follow the true teachings of Islam, they will be tortured and murdered by their puppet leaders who will always remain above the law, because a group of Hypocrites, who hate Islam, are ruling the world and controlling the UN.

Therefore, Bangladesh government (puppet) is playing an "International Game" by using Islam, because only way for them to get support from the international community (means capitalists) is to discriminate Islam and those who support the true teachings of Islam, to cover-up their own corruption. It is also very clear to the puppet government of Bangladesh that the UN is controlled by the capitalists; therefore, other countries cannot criticise or take any action against Bangladesh for killing Muslims, as long as capitalists support that criminal activities. For the same reason, when Muslims were brutally murdered in Myanmar, the Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi was silent, and the international community (UN) was inactive as well, because all of them are controlled. (Open secret)  

In other words, it is legal to kill Muslims all over the world!  

Anyway, I might end up in “Guantanamo Bay” where “Human rights” do not work! Because human rights are not for the Muslims in this double standards world, so called modern world!  


Muslims will rule the world very soon (not by threatening people with nuclear bombs) by spreading LOVE & JUSTICE (remember that)

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