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Bangladeshi in UK demonstrated against May 6 Genocide outside BBC Headquarter

Written By: Nazmul
07/05/2013 21:33 06/05/2013 23:27
Burning Issue

Bangladeshi Online Activist UK(BOAU) Organised an immediate protest outside BBC headquarter against the brutal Genocide committed by joint forces on May 6 early morning. According to various report, there are more than 3000 innocent civilian were killed, most of them were sleeping after a day long protest in Motijhil commercial area of Capital Dhaka.

Image-1: Demonstration Started around 6pm UK time

Image-2:At the beginning we were few in Numbers

Image-3: Two brave online female activist also participated

Voice raised to the World through BBC

Online activist chanted "BBC Bangla"...Biased Biased

Focused to BBC

BBC staff came down to know the purpose of Protest

Stop your Hypocracy BBC....BBC Bangla...Biased

More than 2500 have killed...BBC silenced 

Another Brave Activist raised his voice against Genocide

an hour later, another online activist group called "Feb28" join with us with huge number!

Several hundreds activist joined in demo, many of them were British Bangladeshi

All are listening the speech of Afjal Miah, leader of Feb28. He is the community leader of Tower Hamlet area in London which is mostly populated by Bangladeshi. Afjal is the Leader of UK Respect party as well


No More Hasina, No more killing, No more brutality 

Respect Freedom of Press, Restore Rule of Law

Down down more Hasina these are the slogan

Through our demonstration world know the Genocide took place in the Black night of 6May morning in Bangladesh

Young British Bangladeshi were out numbered in Feb 28 group

Third Generation British Bangladeshi joined the protest who dont have direct interest as we Bangladeshi do.

Young British Bangladeshi and their Community Leader stand for Justice in Bangladesh

Demo demand release of Opposition leader in Bangladesh immediately
People from different mentality came to the protest

Alhamdullah, this is the least we could done...we did...Now it's our duty to let World Media know about the brutal Genocide, Mass Killing and Massacre took Place 


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