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Written By: shakil
06/05/2013 18:12
Human rights


There is a big confusion. In Dhaka mass killing by police force and BGB what number it is? Viewer of this occurrence said thousands of people died in this action. One man, his name is mamun and he live motijhil with his parents, said after 2:00am in this night militia force begin their attack and it is continued 4:00am. But main attack lasted 2:30-3:00am. They charged grenade, used heavy weapon against hefajat’s activists. Over fifty thousand people were there. Within half an hour they are vanished! Where they have gone? Why should grenade charge apply on those unarmed people? They have nothing to prevent this dangerous attack. It is something to reexamine. But how? It is a big question.

Already all media in Bangladesh step down against the hefajat. They have decided no news will be published against this attack. An editor has said we don’t tolerate hefajat. Govt. should be very strict against them. How he decides that hefajat are going to wrong way? Diganta and Islamic TV channel and Amar Desh daily newspaper already shut down by awami league govt. There is no electronic and print media who will investigate and will publish the reality. How it is possible that a govt. continuously is killing their people and we all are maintain our silence?

Viewer and other have said 20-25 truck carried out dead body from motijhil, bank area in Dhaka city. Some truck has gone to the Turag River and some have gone to the pilkhana, BGB headquarter.

I don’t know what reality is? But I am worried. If it is true that thousand people died in this attack. History will remember it as a brutal genocide. We have to take a step to open this black chapter in human history. Time hasn’t gone totally. But we shouldn’t wait. 

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