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Brutality of MAY 5: History will remember

Written By: Nazmul
05/05/2013 20:37 05/05/2013 20:34
Human rights

It's been just few days Bangladesh has lost more than 600 lives (up until now, will add more) by the devastating building collapsed ever happened in the history of the world. Our heart still not recovered from that ache, while nation mourning caused by Savar tragedy, today unfortunate Bangladeshi people witnessed another brutal day of the history. Media under strong Government censor confirmed more than 20 lives have lost so far by govt. law enforcing agency attack, but as an ordinary Bangladeshi from ground can tell the world the scores of death has already crossed 70! Thousands people have injured, many has to amputed their legs, eyes and hands.

Today, May 5 Hefajat e Islami called for a peaceful Dhaka siege demonstration. Last month’s April 6 they organized similar rally in Dhaka and nationwide. Did they realize they have to pay heavy prise like this? I am sure they didn't.

Police stopped protester entering Dhaka, the capital where the demo took place, then used excessive force against innocent protester. In response, Hefajat activist tried to defend themselves with empty hand. But police used live ammunitions, bullets. Ruling government activist joined with their full vigor supported by police. Awami League activist used live pistol, graned and cocktail against these peaceful protesters. 


When sun sets, Dhaka witnessed another horrible incident. Government cut off Electricity, shut all media and cable operator who were showing live program from Motijhil area where grand gathering taking place. In that dark night, Government deployed 30 platoon Para military Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) to suppress innocent protester. Police is still using live bullets in dark. God knows what happening in this dark night, I can't even imagine as no media can cover the incident.

Bangladesh had never forget the dark night of 25th March in 1971 when Pakistan Army took over Capital Dhaka and killed many innocent people in respond to people's legitimate demand. At that time Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) were mobilizing people and led the struggle of Independent. Now the same BAL deployed Para military force at Dark to kill same own people. BAL forget that, force killing, suppression, brutality could not stop Bangladeshi's in 1971; they can't do it now in 2013

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