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Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia are the two sides of the same coin!

Written By: Sabir
04/05/2013 9:11


On the one hand, Sheikh Hasina believes Bangladesh (including the people) is her father’s property, and on the other hand, Khaleda Zia believes Bangladesh is her husband’s property, so those two criminal-minded women are merely using us to show their evil power to dominate each other. Therefore, by hook or by crook, they want to keep themselves and their families in the power forever. However, in order to dominate, both of the bloodsuckers need power and money. Besides, to get the power and money, they need to win the election; therefore, to win the election they deliberately lie and give false hopes repeatedly, particularly during the election, to the simple-hearted people of Bangladesh, (unfortunately) who do not have any other alternative than to elect either of those two slaughterers, again and again. Because of their hunger for power and money, they are just playing with the millions of innocent people of Bangladesh.

Similarly, all other political parties, who are the allies of those two corrupt political parties, are for the “Political business” to make some money, either from the businesspersons or by stealing government money (our money). Undoubtedly, there is no political party or politician, who truly cares for the people, and the country; however, all of them truly care for the POWER & MONEY, though. Therefore, whoever comes to power, it is the ordinary people who are going to suffer. In other words, two sides of the same coin- “HEADS THEY WIN, TAILS WE LOSE”!

We, the ordinary people of Bangladesh, certainly know that all the politicians are directly and indirectly responsible for all the corruptions, robbing people’s property, stealing government money; and, above all, killing many innocent people.

If we know they are the “BLOODSUCKER HYPOCRITES”, then why do we vote/support them?!

By voting or supporting those bloodsucker-liar politicians, we are also indirectly responsible for those murders, and we are indirectly responsible for those corruptions as well, for which we will have to answer to Allah (if you are a believer).

According to hadiths (e.g.)

"Your leadership will be a reflection of you (the people)." [Mishkat al-Masabih]  

"Allah does not punish the individuals for the sins of the community until they see the evil spreading among themselves, and while they have the power to stop it, do not do so." (Ahmad)   

So, It is time for us (believers) to think, and it is time for us learn from our mistakes! Because we do not want to make the same mistakes again and again; generation after generation, we are intentionally selecting/electing all the corrupt leaders who do not even hesitate to kill people, and shamelessly lie in front of us, and think that we do not understand their drama. In other words, we are responsible for our own suffering! Therefore, we all should stay away from voting those shameless-corrupt-murderer politicians, though it is our constitutional right to vote; however, we do not want to take the responsibility of killing innocent people and corruptions, so we rather not vote. (contemplate)

Moreover, we should not support any criminals, including those who were involved with the massacres by using the name of Islam in 1971.

However, Hefazot-e-Islam is the only hope for us, and we do not want to let it go. Therefore, it is very important for all the scholars of Islam to discuss and work together (without being influenced the political parties or government) purely for the sake of Allah to establish the true teachings of Islam, and justice for all Bangladeshis regardless of religious beliefs.

(nothing can stop us, inshAllah)


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