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Child Rape: symptom of social disease

Written By: Nazmul
30/04/2013 23:50 30/04/2013 23:32
Human rights

Five years old Salma. She is just like a little butterfly and star of her parents eyes. This little angel found raped and dead in Mirpur on June  2010.

Even long before that we know about a little girl in Bogra were killed by some demons. I know we have already forgot the name.

The very recent child rape in India reminds me the horror within  society. When a young girl is raped by animal like man, we search reasons behind this. Eventually we find the girl's faults.

When a child is raped, who we going to blame for this ?

If we think deeply inside, we will find it as a symptom of social diseases. The radical social changes in Indian subcontinental societies denote some very highlighting issues before us. The westernization of culture and values is alarming. Hugely poverty oriented societies cannot adopt the western lifestyle and values. While our social components are adopting western elements, poorer part of the society is being affected dramatically.

However, most of the time we find this type of rape cases take place in the lower class part of the society. Those who commit this horrific crime, are also from the very particular group of our society. Either he is addicted or engaged in various criminal activities.

Indian Hollywood culture is injecting sexual aspiration within their minds and bodies, while a pornstar becomes star in Indian film industry. Item girls and porn stars remain far away from those hungry animals and they simply search out women bodies around them to meet their wild hunger. Even a child becomes their victim like Salma and the recent victim of India.

Do we really study our society to find out the proper solution ?



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Women rights 


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