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Savar Tragedy: Workers were beaten with stick and forced to enter into work

Written By: Nazmul
27/04/2013 1:30 27/04/2013 1:24
Human rights

Image: Daily star

There were cracks in Rana Plaza, the multi-storied building that collapsed in Savar. According to Shirin, one of the badly injured victims, their factory announced it would close on Tuesday morning after cracks were noticed in the building. The workers had voiced their concern at work yesterday but the administration ignored them. They were beaten with sticks and forced to enter instead. Building owner Sohel Rana said through a hand mic, "Cracks in one pillar mean nothing!"

Reportedly, Sohel Rana was in a meeting with the building's garment factory owners yesterday. During the meeting he instructed them to continue with their work. It was around this time that the building collapsed. SM Sayem, one of the owners who took part in the meeting, is also among the dead.

Industrial police Director Mustafizur Rahman told reporters at the site of the collapse, "We had asked that factories shut down after cracks were noticed on Tuesday. We said only after engineers from BUET examined the building can we decide if they can be reopened." 

But the factories opened yesterday against Industrial Police instructions according to a joint decision by the owners. Earlier, chief of Standing Committee on the Labor Ministry, Md Israfil Alam asked everyone to focus on rescue efforts now instead of finding out who was responsible for opening the factories.

Source: Daily Amardesh

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Savar Tragedy Bangladesh 


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