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What actually Hefazaat-e-Islam demands??

Written By: AEH_MIZ
24/04/2013 7:47
Burning Issue

Now, that is the burning question. What actually Hefazaat-e-Islam demands? Do they really want to take the country back to the middle ages? Are they demanding blasphemy law or not? Do they really reject the rights of the women?

All doubts and confusions have been answered by Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi, the Ameer of Hefazaat-e-Islam. Let's see the explanation of Allama Shafi about their 13-points demand.   

1. ‘Absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah’ must be reinstalled in the fundamental principles of state policy of the constitution.

Explanation: Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. 90% of people of this country are Muslim. Absolute trust and faith in Allah is the principle of their belief. People of this country are very pious, their religious conscience is much whetted. People here wake up hearing aazan (calling to the prayer). Islamic customs, practices and culture are the indispensable part of their life. Through the 5th amendment of the constitution, ‘Bismillah-ar-Rahman-ar-Rahim’ at the beginning of the constitution and ‘Absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah’ as the fundamental principle of state policy were included as the reflection of the belief and conscience of the above-mentioned vast number of devoted people.

But unfortunately, being biased, the present government led by the 14-party alliance and under influence of the leftists, made amendments of the constitution ignoring all opposing opinions. Last of all, through the 15th amendment of the constitution, ‘Absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah’ has been replaced by ‘Secularism’ as the fundamental principle of state policy. With help of their majority in the parliament, the government has done this being partial and made a way to lead people towards impiety. The long-cherished avidity of the leftists and the atheists-blasphemer has come to a true through the government’s act. This was a great blow on the belief of the country’s pious people. People irrespective of parties, together with Islamic scholars, burst into protest. Since then, they have been putting forth counter-plea including strike. But the government is not paying heed to anybody.

Then the government starts to rearrange the education system of the country. Meanwhile, its retribution is being visible. Adding anti-Islamic comments and obscene sex education subject in the textbooks of the innocent students, dissolving religious conscience, different initiatives to spread out bad culture etc were instigated by the government. Consequently, the spread of atheism and contempt of religion take a severe form which already the nation has experienced.

As a result, the believer people, being united, have come to the streets under the leadership of ‘Hefazaat-e-Islam’ to reinstall the principle of ‘Absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah’ in the constitution. Such an important matter related to the religious belief and conscience of people has been raised by the Hefazaat-e-Islam as their principal demand from a very logical point of view.

Meanwhile, billions of people all over the country have exposed their close intimacy and agreement with this demand by means of the long march of 6th April. People countrywide have expressed their solidarity, together with millions of people gathered in the huge assembly at Dhaka neglecting the government’s obstruction, to the 13-points demand including this one. Now it has become their heartiest longing. This demand is very clear-cut and logical.


2. Law with the provision of capital punishment, death sentence, must be made by the parliament to prevent contempt of Allah (SWH), Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and the religion of Islam.

Explanation: No religion or country-society approves contempt of religion. No one has right to hurt the religious sentiment of others. Nevertheless, some kind of fanatic, impious-atheist-apostate does contempt of religion and hurt the religious sentiment. Therefore, law with provision of stern punishment has come to an existence in many countries.

But a matter of deep regret, in spite of Bangladesh’s being the second largest Muslim majority country, in spite of its 90% of people’s being followers of Islam, some kind of blasphemer atheist apostate & dissentient are continuously striking Islam. Besides strong protest and movement, from a long time ago, the believer people together with the Islamic scholars of the country are continuously demanding law passed with the provision of capital punishment death sentence to seek redress of contempt of religion and hurting religious sentiments. But the governments did not pay heed to this important and legitimate demand. Finally, the news of bad comments on and contempt of Islam & Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) by the bloggers related with the Shahbag movement came to the light. Though the Supreme Court, before this event, ordered to take actions against contempt of religion made by the bloggers, the present government did not go to action. Previously, people like Salman Rushdi, Taslima Nasrin did contempt of religion separately. The protests and movements of the believer people compelled them to leave their country.

Now, the tendency of contempt of religion has assumed a serious form. The atheists, the apostates and the dissentients but Islam-grudging- all united are doing this job. They are doing this job on-line by either writing or drawing cartoons in the blogs, facebook-twitter and in other social communication sites. The believer people of this country cannot concede that. So, passing law with provision of stern punishment i.e. the capital punishment death sentence for contempt of religion has become inevitable in the context of Bangladesh. This law is also important that any self-seeking band cannot create any disorder or communal riot through contempt of religion.

In some directives of the Holy Quran and the Hadith, death sentence is mentioned as the just punishment of the atheists-apostates. To bring this punishment activity into effect, there is no need of Islamic state or of changing current system of government. This law can be brought into effect under those current acts of Shariah according to which the Muslim marriage, divorce, property distribution etc are performed. Allah (SWT) and his messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) are dearer to billions of Muslims than their own lives. It cannot be logical that those making bitter remarks on Allah (SWT) and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) will go unpunished, that there will be no law for their stern punishment whereas there is law to punish for contempt of the late president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Why would we agitate for this reasonable law in a country of 90% Muslims? The government can fulfill its religious liability by bringing voluntarily this law into effect.   


3.  All the evil activities and publicity of some bloggers, atheists-apostates and Islam-grudging people related with the so-called ‘Gonojagoron Moncho’ must be stopped. All the atheists-apostates and Islam-abhorring people and organizations, making vulgar comments about Allah (SWT), Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Islam and Muslims by any means and thus hurting religious sentiment of 90% Muslims, who are trying to create disorder must be arrested immediately and exemplary stern punishment must be ensured.

Explanation:  Some bloggers, and some other people following religions other than Islam, under cover of free thought and freedom of speech, are involved in abominable calumny against and contempt of Allah (SWT), Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), the holy Quran and Islam. Not only from the religious view-point, such calumny and contempt are also intolerable in any scale of courtesy-civility & democracy and to maintain peace, discipline & amity in the country, too. Even non-Muslims of the western world never did such contempt of Islam! Going through the details of those is beyond capability of any conscientious Muslim.

We demand immediate arrest and stern punishment of these bloggers under law providing safeguard against contempt of religion. If they go unpunished, then the native-exotic conspirators will continue their evil activities with doubled inspiration and thus can lead the country to extreme disorder and mass-grievance. This may pose serious threat to the freedom, order and legal framework of the country.


4. There is no alternative to overall development of women for overall development of the country. Aiming at this, women’s education, health, workplace, creditable livelihood at secured environment and reasonable remuneration of the working women must be ensured. Besides ensuring overall security of women, they should be made motivated to maintain decency in clothing & ornaments and to wear hizaab in order to protect their dignity-chastity and to protect themselves from sexual harassment at out of doors & within and at their workplace. Also to serve the same purpose, all women preventive measures including any type of shamelessness, immoral practices, adultery, free & obscene mixing of men & women in public, persecution of women, sexual harassment, violence against women, dowry system etc must be firmly restrained.

Explanation: The atheistic bloggers related with the so-called ‘Gonojagoron Moncho’ not only made a mockery of Allah (SWT), Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Islam and Muslims, they also have already hurt traditional social edicts and culture of Bangladesh. Different non-Islamic, unethical, unsocial activities such as free & obscene mixing of extramarital & close unrelated men-women, of them passing nights together in streets even in the same tents etc are happening publicly in Shahbag. Such misdeeds are also against the traditional culture of this country. Apart from religious sentiment, these can never be acceptable from the familial, social and national cultural view-point, too.

The security of women will be hampered in every sphere if the culture, nurtured and still practiced in Shahbag, prevails in the country. Hefazaat-e-Islam demands to stop above-mentioned activities to protect the women from eve teasing, rape and sexual harassment as well as to ensure their overall security. Islam has announced the hizaab mandatory to protect their dignity, to ensure their security and to save them from sexual harassment. Also, Islam excellently balances by ordering men to keep safe distance by means of lowering their gaze. Therefore, there is no restriction for women to go outside doors or to work at secured workplace if they wear Hizaab or decent outfit creating no sexual stimulation.      

Islam is strict about security of women. That only the opportunists call women repression. We want to clarify that there is no restriction for women to move out of doors, to receive education and to go workplace wearing hizaab or decent outfit. For instance, if there may be separate girls’ school or women’s college for their safety & protection, then it is not logical to oppose the demand of establishing their separate workplace.


5. The anti-Islamic sections and subjects of the Women Policy and the Education Policy must be dissolved and the basic teachings of Islam must be made mandatory for the Muslim students from the primary to the higher secondary level.

Explanation: We demand correction of those sections of the Women policy, including the law of equal rights in the properties left, which are confronting the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. Besides, the controversial CEDAW charter passed by the UN must be dissolved. Many Muslim and Christian majority countries including the religious leader of Christians, the Pope and the Vatican, have raised an objection against this CEDAW charter. Nothing of family system will be left if this charter is brought into effect. In this controversial charter, rights to extramarital unbridled intercourse have been ensured. Consequently, father’s identity of the children will be dissolved. We want women know very clearly that Islam protects the dignity, rights and safety of women in the best way. And the present atheistic consider women just as ornamental and consumer goods.

On the other hand, the religious education has been curtailed in the Education policy announced by the government. Though there is religious education, deceptive tricks have been adopted to make the students' mentality impious. The misinterpretation of Islam inserted in the current year’s textbooks of primary and higher secondary level is extremely unacceptable. Besides, innocent boys and girls together in the same class are provided with sex education in such a manner that is posing serious threat to the moral character of the future generations and to the social edicts. From the very beginning of drawing-up the new education policy, we are demanding that proper religious education must be included in every level of education. Islam is always vocal against misdeeds, injustice, bribery-corruption, drugs-gambling, falsehood, bloodshed, rape, scuffle and terrorism. So there is no alternative to religious education to bring up ideal citizen having sound mentality.   


6. Infiltration of all kinds of outlandish culture including installing idol in the name of sculpture, polytheistic culture like lighting auspicious lamp etc must be stopped.

Explanation: Making idols of men-women & animals and fashion of paying homage to those offering flowers have started at such a rate that cannot be desirable in a country of 90% Muslim. Making idols and paying homage to those have been announced as polytheism and are forbidden very clearly in Islam. But we are never against inanimate artistry. Rather Islam inspires beautiful and enlightening artistry. 

On the other hand, lighting auspicious lamp and candle are the fire-worshippers’ and western culture. So-called ‘Gonojagoron Moncho’ is trying hard to introduce it lavishly in this country. Hurting religious sentiment, the western and outlandish culture such as enkindling fire can never be acceptable in this 90% Muslims’ country. If there is such prescript in someone’s religious practice, they may observe that in their extent. But the despicable attempt to establish it as the national culture by announcing from the so-called ‘Gonojagoron Moncho’ and making the youth & students practice this culture can, by no means, be acceptable. The believer people of this country cannot tolerate that. The demand to stop such activities is very logical and pragmatic.


7. The evil attempts to make the youths’ attitude malicious towards Islam by making mockery of beard-tupi (kind of hat used by the Muslims) & Islamic practice-culture in different mass media including radio-television and by presenting crooked & negative characters of drama-cinema in Islamic outfit must be stopped.

Explanation:  At present, banter with the Islamic testimony has reached a worrying rate in the above mentioned mass media. People wearing Islamic outfit or with beard-tupi are being made to represent the characters of murderers, rowdy, terrorists and treasonous persons. That is nothing else but lowering Islam and Muslims conspiringly. Such misconduct can be tolerated by no means in this 90% Muslims’ country and it can never be an expression of opinion of sound mentality. It has already started to affect the society. So-called pro-shahbag activists are assaulting the beard elder Muslims wearing tupi and also the Islamic culture in such a manner which is even not usually observed in the non-Muslim countries!


8. All hindrances & obstacles to pray Namaz in all mosques including the national mosque Baitul Mukarram must be withdrawn and obstructing religious speech-lecture & religious rituals must be stopped.

Explanation: Due to political reasons, at present, different types of unexpected interference are taking place at the mosques and the madrasas (school for religious education). Lots of contempt and obstacles for pious Muslims have taken place including keeping different gates of the national mosque Baitul Mukarram closed during the prayer on Friday, firing indiscriminately, shooting tear shells, harassment in the name of searching, and entering mosques by the police wearing boots etc. Even the occurrences like banning religious meeting & speech-lecture at different places of the country, taking the mikes off and not giving permission etc have also happened. Obstructing religious practice and creating obstacles in the mosques or ascribing political outlook can never be tolerated in a country of 90% Muslim.          


9. For the sake of defense of freedom-sovereignty and geographical integrality of the country, all the evil activities together with proselytism, happening countrywide including Chittagong Hill Tracts and conducted by the NGOs and Christian missionaries who are involved in conspiracy against the belief and the country, must be stopped.

Explanation: It is no more a secret that the western Christian world is involved in a deep conspiracy centering Chittagong Hill Tracts. The proselytism in Chittagong Hill Tracts conducted by the Christian missionaries has become so evident that it is posing serious threat to freedom and integrality of this country. Besides many notorious NGOs are baptizing Muslim children-boys and the elders under cover of voluntary financial help & education in the backward & undeveloped areas of the country. This is very much worrying. We demand that to keep national sovereignty & freedom free from threat, these must be controlled with the help of strict surveillance by the investigating agencies including the law-enforcing & detective forces and by driving the suspects out of the country.


10. The Quadiyanis must be announced non-Muslim by the government and their publicity & all of their evil activities must be stopped.

Explanation: The Ahmadias, followers of Golam Ahmad Quadiyani who sometimes claimed to be the last prophet-sometimes to be the Jesus- sometimes to be Imam Mahdi, claiming themselves as Muslim are deceiving the innocent Muslims and are conspiring to detach them from their belief by making them members of the Quadiyani i.e. the Ahmadia society. Many innocent Muslims, being deceived, are being deviated from their belief. To stop such belief-ruining deception of the Quadiyanis i.e. the Ahmadias, they must be announced non-Muslim by the government of Bangladesh just like other Muslim countries of the world. And all of their deceptive evil activities and publicity must be banned. We have been demanding it from a long time ago.


11. Assault, repression-persecution, threatening & frightening, indiscriminate firing & killing etc on the protesting Islamic scholars, students of madrasas, Imams of the mosques and the believer people, who loves the messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH),  must be stopped.

Explanation: The protesting Islamic scholars, students of madrasas, Imams of the mosques and the believer people, who love the messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), have been oppressed for supporting the legitimate demands of 90% Muslim of the country. The processions-gathering and the demonstration arranged by them were repressed & persecuted, indiscriminate firing and genocide has been occurred. Such activities must be stopped. Even those people in different parts of the country are being threatened not to observe the religious practices. Such a situation cannot go without impediment in a free and democratic country.


12. All the Islamic scholars, students of madrasas, Imams and the believer people arrested must be freed immediately. All the false cases filed must be withdrawn and the miscreants must be tried and punished sternly.    

Explanation:  Many Islamic scholars, students of madrasas, Imams of the mosques and innocent citizens have been arrested during the current movement, led by Hefazaat-E-Islam, for protection of the belief, faith & Islam, for protection of the freedom, culture, social & religious edicts of the country. False charges have been brought against them. Many have embraced martyrdom; many, being injured seriously, are under treatment. We demand immediate release of all the arrested Islamic scholars, students of madrasas, Imams and believer people. We also demand withdrawal of all the false charges brought against them and compensation of the inured as well as of the killed.


13. A careful watch must be kept on and necessary actions must be taken to ensure the just rights of the minority communities of Bangladesh and to maintain communal amity. 

Explanation: There has been a glorious communal amity in our country from an ancient time. This communal amity has been an example to many of the world. The conspirators have engaged doggedly in rusting such communal amity to destroy this fame of Bangladesh. We are demanding identification and punishment of the genuine criminals involved in assaulting the prayer houses of the minorities. We are demanding the just rights and safe living of the minority communities. We are demanding necessary actions and a careful watch to maintain communal amity.

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