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Evidence prove Kamaruzzman cases invalid

Written By: Nazmul
23/04/2013 1:33 22/04/2013 22:48
BD War crime trial

Assistant secretary general of Bangladesh Jamat-e-Islami Mohammad Kamaruzzaman was accused at the International Crimes Tribunal-2 for committing crimes against humanity such as genocide, torture during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. He was detained on 13th July 2010 but “shown arrested” on 22nd of July 2010. After enduring almost 2 years in prison without any charge, Kamaruzzaman (KZ afterward) was finally charged with 7 cases. To see the summary of all case please see my earlier post.

In my earlier post, I have come up with conclusion that KZ was not involved with any crime that accused. During the final argument of the cases the chief prosecutor found himself confused before judges to prove KZ guilty (Banglanews24, 27th March 13, English version). Yes! Prosecutor Saiful Islam is confused because throughout trial he along with other team members produce many fake documents that later made them confused to prove his point in court! In this article, I am going to show some exclusive documents and a video in regards charges 1 and 2 which prove these cases are baseless.

In Case 1 It is alleged that Kamaruzzaman inhumanly tortured Prof. Syed Abdul Hannan of Sherpur College for his anti-Pakistani stand. It is said that Mr Hanna was stripped off clothes, head shaven and forced to walk around Sherpur town by the members of Al-Badr, including the accused who hit him with a whip.

Position: The prosecution failed to produce Prof. Hannan as a witness though he is alive. Prosecution forced him to be a witness but when he affirmed that he would not lie, they did not present him as a witness. The other two prosecution witnesses who tried to verify the incident were not eyewitness to this particular incident and gave contradictory statements.

Prof Hannan in a private interview confesses that KZ was never involved with the incident. Rather KZ is one of his best & brilliant students who deserve his blessing.  He also confessed that, prosecution asked him to say KZ insulted him but he refused. Now, seeing the confession it is obvious that the case lost its merit. (See the video:

So, as a reader you decide whether this case have any merit or credibility.

In Case 2, It is alleged that under the leadership of the KZ, a group of Al Badr members abducted Badiuzzaman from Ramnagar village of Jhenaigati, Sherpur. He was tortured at Ahammed Nagar army camp all night long and shot to death the following day. His body was dumped in a river.

Position: The prosecution produced Badiuzzaman’s brother Hasanuzzaman as a witness. Hasanuzzaman claimed that his family filed a case against KZ and 10 others in 1972 for the murder of his bother, but the prosecution failed to produce anything to support that. In our investigation found the FIR mentioned by the prosecution which is completely a different case and the accused name is not there!

FIR Copy-page 1

FIR copy-page 2

Unfortunately this controversial court did not allow defence team to submit the FIR copy because it was not certified. It is necessary to mentioned that under current environment, no government servant would give a certified copy of crucial legal docs. So it could not be submitted. The prosecution on the other hand did not submit any document to support their claim.

From the above documentation it is proof that KZ is innocent in each cases. Similar conclusion can be reached for other cases as the whole tribunal is manufactured in a purpose to eliminate opposition Leaders, particularly Leaders from Bangladesh Jamaat e Islami.

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