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Politics is the most profitable business, in Bangladesh!

Written By: Sabir
24/04/2013 11:23 21/04/2013 10:25


First of all, I would like to say that “Politicians” are just using us to fulfil their own interests; because, as we all know that, politicians do not allow their own sons and daughters to fight but they expect someone else like you and me to fight for them. Undoubtedly, a bunch of hypocrite liars rule all the political parties; and the people, who are fighting with each other on behalf of those hypocrites, (unfortunately) do not understand politicians’ hypocrisy!  

In addition, I would like to raise another issue regarding “Conventional Democracy”: No one (e.g. businessman) gives money to a political party or politician without any interest! In other words, “DEMOCRACY” is a very profitable “BUSINESS”, now! As unemployment is a common scenario in Bangladesh, so “Politics” is the only way to earn money for many people. And, of course, all the hypocrite bloodsucker politicians take full advantage of that.   

The only way for us to out of this problem is to change the “POLITICAL” & “SOCIAL” structure!

POLITICAL structure: For political reform, we have to give up the “Conventional Democracy”! In other words, we do not need that “DEMOCRACY” which is controlled by the money. We all know that people (particularly businessman) give money to political parties or politicians for a reason; and, that is how all the hypocrite bloodsucker politicians run their cadre groups. And, all the hypocrite shameless politicians start begging for money to all the businessmen just before the election, for which politicians are always ready to manipulate all the laws and policies according to businessmen’s demands. So, “Democracy” is for the businessmen, not for the people! Nevertheless, of course, we want to elect our leader democratically; however, we have to stop the “POLITICAL BUSINESS” for the real democracy!

SOCIAL structure: For social reform, we have to come out of the “Materialism Philosophy”, which we are adapting/copying from the western societies. Unfortunately, nowadays, we (society) respect a person (e.g. politician) according to his/her bank balance, even if we know he had earned that money illegally! On the other hand, we (society) do not have any respect for a poor, even though he is honest. So, there is no value for honesty in our society! In addition, as no one like to be neglected in a society, so everyone is desperate to make more money, by hook or by crook! So, “Materialism” is the main reason for corruptions!

Moreover, as a result of the “Materialism Philosophy”, people are moving from villages to towns, and towns to cities to earn more money to fulfil their materialistic demand. Because of the mass movement of people, the energy and water scarcity is very common in all the cities, particularly Dhaka. Similarly, air pollution is increasing alarmingly; and it is predicted that lack of drinkable water will have a huge impact on people who are living in the busy cities like Dhaka. We are going to face many problems within a short period, because of the “Materialism Philosophy”. Therefore, we (society) have to encourage people to move to rural areas. And, there are many ways we can earn money from villages, rather than being used by the hypocrite politicians. That is possible only when our society will come out of “Materialism Philosophy”.

So, we all have to learn how to say- “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”, to have a peaceful country, because (we all know that) politicians are the bunch of “HYPOCRITE BLOODSUCKER LIARS”, who are just using us to fulfil their materialistic demands!


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