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Bangladesh needs its youths to wake up for peace without any political influence

Written By: Invisible
14/04/2013 4:52

This is the first time in my life that I can’t say “Happy” Bangla New Year. After all these bloodshed initiated from the raise of detestations from Shahbag, there is nothing remains to be happy with. Just before that cursed event, I used to have my dinner and lunch with all Bangladeshi fellows regardless their political and ideological viewpoint. We used to hang out, play on the ground together but now all those golden days seem gone away for a long period of time. They knew whom I belong and I knew whom they belong, and still we used to meet and greet each other with smiley faces. Now I see people avoid each other, hate each other. I am sure that at the end it will not bring any good for Bangladeshis but a third alien party will take the entire benefit to fulfill their won interest. The way Bangladeshi political dynamics are changing everyday is the clear sign of that. But the irony is that all those fanatics who think themselves as intellectual and patriotic will only understand when we and they will be the target of the same gunpoint.

The youth of the nation have to understand that we have the power to change the situation but our emotion always drives us to become just an ordinary tool of achieving the arbitragers’ interests. It is because our emotions control our power; they are using our power the way the want by just influencing our emotions. This is the law of youth that their overwhelming power is easily vulnerable by emotions. Now we have to understand who are using our emotions rather than allowing us to use our logics and common sense. If we don’t stand against this cursed disgust, this problem will go on generation after generation. If this continues, I myself might have to put my own sword on your throat for the sake of my own living. Its our time to make the decision on our own. Please give a thought on this.

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