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“Bangladesh is a Muslim country”

Written By: Sabir
15/04/2013 23:54 13/04/2013 5:42


Bangladesh had to sacrifice millions of innocent lives to liberate itself from the oppression, conducted by Pakistan and its allies, in 1971. Even though, Pakistan’s allies, who were living in Bangladesh, were involved directly and indirectly with the massacres by using the name of Islam in 1971; however, the Muslims in Bangladesh certainly knew that Islam do not support any oppression and massacres. Therefore, BANGLADESHI MUSLIMS DID NOT FIGHT AGAINST ISLAM in 1971, but fought against those Muslims who had misinterpreted Islam for the political advantage. In other words, Bangladesh came into existence because of those true Muslims who did not tolerate the misinterpretation of Islam, and fought against “Terrorists”.

Historically Muslims, who followed “Sharia Law”, always lived with other religions peacefully, and Bangladesh is a living example. As majority of the people in Bangladesh are Muslims; therefore, it is obligatory for muslims to implement “Sharia Law”. However, even if the “Islamic Revolution” comes democratically, still Bangladesh will be known as a “Terrorist Country”! Other than that, “Islamic Revolution” is necessary for the betterment of the country.

Moreover, in order to achieve the “Islamic Revolution” in Bangladesh, it is important to remove all the misconceptions about Islam, which have been propagated by the media. In addition, misinterpretations about Islam only influence those people who do not know about Islam, or very little knowledge about Islam; hence, all the scholars of Islam in Bangladesh should work together for the sack of Allah to remove all those misconceptions. It is important to declare that all the political parties in Bangladesh use Islam to win the election for the power and money, but the scholars of Islam should work merely for the “Islamic Revolution”, in order to establish the justice for all Bangladeshis regardless of religious beliefs. Furthermore, it is obligatory for all Muslims to seek knowledge; consequently, it is obligatory for all Muslim women to seek knowledge.

Above all, “Islamic Revolution” is necessary in Bangladesh to save Bangladesh from the “Godless Culture”, for which all the scholars (Men and Women) of Islam should work together, for the sake of Allah.

(We will achieve it, Insha’Allah)


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