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Unite to punish the atheist bloggers.

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
03/04/2013 21:13

Bangladesh at this moment of time, early April 2013, is experiencing an unfortunate kind of situation. People are much divided, govt practically have no control, police actions are questionable, appointment of judges is a pathetic fallacy of misjudgement, too many MPs and Ministers are not welcome and can’t visit their electoral areas, administration have been bashed up by political influence and all culprits are busy in rampant corruption under the guise of ‘black watch-coat’! The country is going nowhere towards ‘hope’ and top leadership is too callous about the damage and down-fall. Helplessly people are wondering: where is the end and what the future is! No one knows. In the meantime, a very small group of students, motivated by atheist propaganda, did clear blasphemous acts in their blogs, thus creating unfortunate agitation throughout the country. The mass people rally has declared long-march towards the Capitol, the government initially supported the bloggers and now back-tracking under pressure arrested few bloggers. It’s very surprising that a very small rally from Dhaka University took the side of the bloggers and has demanded their release, taking a clear stand against the majority peoples’ faith and demand. Whereas, the history of founding of Dhaka University clearly tells us that this university was not established to promote the non-believers and atheists. The founding fathers of Dhaka University, if present today, would have expelled these bloggers and their mindless supporters.     

It’s a tense situation indeed. These few bloggers (people call them 'Nastik') in a long-time effort did hurt the sentiment of the majority people of the country. If their actions are judged, they (those misguided bloggers) no more have the right to live freely in a country like Bangladesh. They must be put behind the bars. This is not a question of ‘emotion’; this is a serious question of 'right'! The mass population of the country, as much as over 90% of the total population reserves the right to live in peace. These few bloggers (identified by the believers as ''Nastik'') have, by their wilful expression and direct use of abusive words against Islam, Mohammad (SM) and Allah SWT, hurt the innocent and mostly non-political mass of this country. This has resulted into an agitating and conflicting situation in the country. This has affected even the law-and-order situation and the economy of the country. There was no requirement for them to do this. But they have done it voluntarily, intentionally and knowing fully well that this will cause mental sufferings for general Muslim population of Muslim-majority country. They all are educated and grown-up students of the universities and they knew it for sure that it will hurt the peoples’ sentiment and ignite agitation among them, particularly when the political scenario of the country is far from stable. Yet they have done it and it was, unfortunately supported by the ‘talkative’ political and civil-society leaders, in general, and the communists of different denominations, in particular. Now that huge repercussion and agitation is underway, those supporters (including some MPs and Ministers) have backed far away.

The offense has been committed by the bloggers and they must be punished without any question. They and their supporters must be punished for spoiling the peace and tranquillity of this peace-loving homogeneous society. There should exemplary punishment for them so that future generation learns to respect all religions, faiths and religious sentiment. Bangladesh is a place of religious harmony and has the proud history of peaceful coexistence of multi-cultural people for ages. We must be able to unite to nib this criminality in the bud.

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