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Ruling Party activists attack on Minorities and Temple

Written By: Afroza-Neha
02/04/2013 21:14 02/04/2013 19:07

A businessman from minority hindu community in Satkhira is terribly injured by a group of Government supported terrorists for not agree to give Levy according to their demand.  At the same time they smashed statues(religious sculpture) of the store and took away 2,00000 Bd Taka cash with them.  Centering this, the residents have encompassed the local Police station.  In Najirpur of Pirojpur some of the Awami terrorists are being accused of smashing temples and statues, plundering and cutting of the trees belongs to temples.  On the other side, yesterday the terrorists have smashed 8 statues in Gadachaitanyapur, Sonatala, Bogra.

The News sent by the reporters:
In Satkhira  a Hindu businessman is injured:

A minor businessman in Satkhira is terribly injured by a group of Government supported terrorists for not contributing as per their demand.  At the same time they smashed statues of the store and took away TK of two lac cash with them.

This incident took place in the store of Ashim shadhu kha, the owner of Shadhu Kha Traders on Saturday night at 10 o clocks in the town’s old Satkhira Bazar. The leading of the area’s ‘Chhattraleague’ and ‘Yubaleague’ leader Sayeed, Akram, Ahsan and Shohag led to this attack.  The businessmen of the market raised demonstration and grievances closing their stores as opposition to this. They fear more attacks alike.

It had been found that on Saturday at 10 am while the owner of Shadhu Kha Trader, Ashim Shadhu Kha(seller of agricultural materials) was repaying money to the lenders some marked terrorists of  chattraleague and yubaleague entered into the store.  At that time they destroyed the store and while getting away after taking TK two lac by threatening the owner with some native arms Ujjal Shadhu, brother of Ashim Shadhu protested which caused his injury by those terrorists.  Being fatally injured Ujjal is now hospitalized in Satkhira central hospital.

This occurrence caused counterblast in the area.  The case is not filed by police for the reason that the terrorists are of one of the Government parties.  The businessmen are subjected to strike on Shahid Abdur razzak Park. Later they encompassed the jail.  Moreover at noon a group of Hindu students brought up some programs regarding this at Satkhira New Market Area.  The orators of the program demanded exemplary punishment of the accused.

On the other side, complaint came over that Oshim shadhu, elder brother of Ujjal Shadhu was not allowed to file a case. As a protest to this, yesterday morning a group of Business Committee gathered together at Abdur Razzak Park to demonstrate.  The orators said that if the accused are not arrested by evening they would provide more strict programs.  Later when the OC assured about the process of taking the case at the time of encompassment they suspended their programs.

In Najirpur the awami terrorists have destroyed Temple:

In Pirojour’s Najipur some Awami terrorists are accused of  destroying temple, statues,plundering and cutting the trees of the temple. This incident took place in Sachia village of Malikhali union.  It had been known from the temple authority that last Saturday Malikhali School authority arranged a two days long annual sports and cultural function.  At the evening of the closing day of the function in presence of some local singers a musical program held.  As the areas are Hindu colonized the women came to the function. In presence of women, the awami yubaleague and chattraleague lost their mind and started teasing women.  At that time the women complaint to the committee and the volunteer group of the committee tried to push them out of the function which caused misrule. They felt insulted and got out of there saying some offensive words.

Later when the function came to an end at 10 pm with the leading of awami leaders more than hundred forces led an attack to the temple. At that time they also destroyed the statue of Hindu goddess and plundered.  Being more passionate they took some trees cutting down around the temple.  

Being frantic when the hindus went to the administration the president of the union Shahjahan Sheikh assured them to provide compensation.  They also said of a social meeting tomorrow.  The president and general secretary of the temple Beerendranath Majumdar said that the amount of loss is more than lac.

Knowing this AKM Ahsanaul Tayeeb Zakir president and chairman of BNP, Bogra visited the place and requested the police administration for exemplary punishment of the accused. Moreover the deputy super Mohammad Nazir Ahmed and the executive officer Uttam Kumar visited the place. They assured a just investigation and necessary lawful steps to the incident.

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