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Bangladesh: Govt's recent crackdown on online newspaper

Written By: Nazmul
08/08/2016 23:59
Media and Newspaper

Bangladesh government shut down more than 30 online base news outlets. Some of them were very popular but were in 'wrong' side. Wrong side means not with government side. The head of the national telecoms regulator said he ordered the closures late Thursday night, citing "objectionable contents".

"We've shut down 32 news portals and websites following instructions from an intelligence agency," Bangladesh Telecommunications and Regulatory Commission (BTRC) chairman Shahjahan  Mahmood,  told AFP.

What does "objectionable contents"? Anything you write against government, be it right and authentic. Govt showing its fascist nature for long but this time is truly ugly., a popular website known for its fast news coverage, and amardeshonline, a news portal linked to a pro-opposition Bengali daily that the government shut down in 2013 are in the list. 100s of journalist will be jobless and it will be hard for them to manage job because of the tag line already received.

The crackdown comes after the government banned live television coverage of Islamist extremist attacks in the wake of last month's deadly assault on a cafe in which 22 people were killed including 18 foreigners.

Today govt shut down another popular site, and arrested three of its journalist including Editor Shadat Ullah Khan, Executive Editor Maksudul Haider Chowdhury and Newsroom Editor Pranto Polash. 

Bangladesh literally became one party state. Since January 2014, current government become ruthless. Any sort of dissent voice met with either shut down site or arrest of journalist and bloggers. Govt only want people to chant Joy Bangla and support their brutality, corruption and fascist policies without any questions. 

When the nation is facing crises like rise of Extremist Islamist and Bangladesh society need united voice against extremism, government seems fueling more to the crises. Instead of uniting they are acting to divide the nation for their own personal gain. How long this state will continue like this unknown. But I am certain that the country becoming a failed state steadily. 

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crackdown on online newspaper 


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