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A fallout of govt apathy to blogger killing

Written By: Tojveroul
15/03/2016 23:36


The failure of the police to make any headway in the investigation of the horrific murder of Bangladesh-born US science writer and blogger Avijit Roy even one year after the killing is indeed disappointing. He was hacked to death by a group of unknown assailants near the venue of the Ekushey Book Fair on February 26 last year when he was returning home from the fair. As the Detective Branch south division deputy commissioner, who supervises the investigation, has been quoted ,there is nothing more to say about the case apart from the fact that eight members of extremist group Ansarullah Bangla Team have been detained, albeit not yet proved to be involved with the murder, in this connection. Meanwhile, the police have also failed to indentify the perpetrators of the machete attacks on Faisal Arefin Dipan and Ahmed Rashid Tutul, two publishers of Avijit’s books, three months after the attacks took place in their respective workplaces in the capital Dhaka within a span of a few hours in November last year. Jagriti Prakshani owner Dipan had to die due to the attack. It is important to note that like Avijit, the two publishers received death threats allegedly from Islamist bigots for publishing Avijit’s books before the attacks on more occasions than one. Moreover, both of them informed the police of the threats seeking protection for life.
There are reasons to believe that if justice had been ensured in the avijit murder case, the perpetrators would have thought twice before unleashing the latter two attacks. What is more unfortunate is that even the high-ups in the government, in the face of growing demand for the justice, gave mere lip service to fixing the problem, not to mention provide adequate security for writers and bloggers, who faced death threats, thus far. Not only that following the footsteps of his political boss, the home minister that is, the inspector general of police sought to blame the victims for the alarming situation. Allegations have it that all these came as a result of some appeasement policy pursued by the incumbent government out of political opportunism, no matter what rhetoric its functionaries made so far against Islamist militancy and the like, towards such groups. It cannot be denied that the apparent indifference of the police to the series of murders of bloggers and publishers, who happened to be secular in thinking, took place in such a situation.
In any case, the government needs to realise that any further delay in bringing the perpetrators of the murders of bloggers and publishers in the past one year in particular, let alone identifying the culprits, will not only deepen the frustration of the families of the victims but also may help bigotry, be it related to religion or any other field, prevail over free-thinking in particular, something really dangerous for the nation. In fact, without sustained voice from all democratically-oriented people against the government inaction over the menace, one can hardly hope for any change in the situation.

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