Present situation On Job Market

Written By: sohrab
12/06/2016 7:20
Thoughts and Ideology

 I worked in a multinational companies. Therefore so much experience has been developed. Upon this experience I wrote a news article on job market on which different categories job seeker’s problems are described. For solving this problem I have given some steps which can be taken by....    Full story...

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আমারদেশের সাংবাদিক Oliullah Noman এর টাইম লাইন থেকে...

Written By: Tojveroul
07/01/2018 12:09 07/05/2016 14:01
Thoughts and Ideology

  কারাগারে যাদের যেতে হয়েছে তারা স্মৃতি ভুলতে পারেন না। আমারো তেমনি অনেক স্মৃতি চোখের সামনে ভাসে। আবার অনেক....    Full story...

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So called Freedom

Written By: Niaz_Ahsan
05/04/2015 4:26
Thoughts and Ideology

Google defines freedom by saying 'the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants'. I am just a normal human being, stupid. As I grow up I came to know about our liberation war history, the great bravery of our heroes who fought and sacrificed for this country to get rid of the....    Full story...

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Make Hay When Sun Shines

Written By: Aboneel
21/01/2015 10:17
Thoughts and Ideology

Before the arrival of this year’s November 1, Bangladeshi people remembered it for political reason. Tally has now contained another stick of “Nationwide Electricity Debacle”. Whatever the cause was, people had to suffer a lot by that unwanted and oblivious transpiration. That....    Full story...

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10 reasons why Britain is more Islamic than most Muslim countries today

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
11/09/2014 18:46
Thoughts and Ideology

Islam is a religion based on believing in one God and adhering to a set of values that informs one’s mind-set and lifestyle. Belief in God is a personal matter and can only be achieved by a person who has become convinced of God’s existence and experienced the power of His Grace.....    Full story...

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Compassionate Capitalism vs Responsible Capitalism

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
01/06/2014 13:26
Thoughts and Ideology

What’s wrong with our world today? This question has been dominating the minds of many pundits for years yet the answer is simple – it’s the economy stupid! The economic system in the modern world is based on unfair and unethical principles and sits at the root of the problem.....    Full story...

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Ongoing nationality debate: are we Bangalee or Bangladeshi?

Written By: NazirAhmed
29/05/2014 11:10
Thoughts and Ideology

Bangladesh is deeply divided on many issues along political lines.  If the government says one thing, the main opposition party will say something else and vice versa.  This trend has been going on since the independence.  Among all those issues that have deeply divided the....    Full story...

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Work life vs Personal life: Personal view

Written By: Troublemaker
14/05/2014 12:45 13/05/2014 11:32
Thoughts and Ideology

I have been working in a Canadian based multi-national company in Chittagong EPZ for more than three years. Previously I worked in a private company which is owned by a British Bangladeshi entrepreneur situated at outside of Export Processing Zone. After working three years in my present company,....    Full story...

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"Perfect" or "Perfact"?

Written By: Alan
06/01/2014 7:33 06/01/2014 6:59
Thoughts and Ideology

The headline of this article is-"Perfect or perfact'? Yes,We all know what perfect means? But what about the perfact ? strange enough! Perfact has no meaning. Don't waste your time by searching this on dictionary! Just be calm and watch what the meaning of perfact....    Full story...

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Having a meal together, at the same table

Written By: Sabir
11/11/2013 19:37 11/11/2013 18:47
Thoughts and Ideology

To have a meal together at the same table, it is not necessary for us to eat same way and same amount of food (depends on size ;) but it is necessary for us to know the most important table manner. The most important table manner, which everyone should have, is to offer food to others before....    Full story...

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About my life problem

Written By: Samiha
02/10/2013 20:47
Thoughts and Ideology

I'm new as i am very much sad because people hate me for being good with classmates tring to make bad before everyone.even for my bad past because of loving someone it also harming.what will i do now??can anyone give me any idea??    Full story...

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An out of the ordinary wedding

Written By: Mozafor
06/09/2013 18:53
Thoughts and Ideology

For some time I have been thinking of writing something about a recent wedding I attended in Cardiff. It is no other than the wedding of Save Bangladesh Zara Kadir and Noman Khan. I don’t know how the name Juhora that I always had known her name by became Zara, perhaps for simplicity, or it....    Full story...

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Role of strong military force in a poor or developing country

Written By: NazirAhmed
27/08/2013 0:50
Thoughts and Ideology

A strong military force in a poor or developing country is a real threat not to its supposed enemies but to its own unarmed people. A competent and strong military force which can fight and defeat its enemies usually become kind to its own people. On the contrary, an incompetent and coward....    Full story...

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The Salafi Taqiyya

Written By: OooKhalid
27/08/2013 13:11 26/08/2013 17:52
Thoughts and Ideology

{Let not the believers take the disbelievers as friends instead of the believers, and whoever does that, will never be helped by Allah in any way. [Quran 3:28]} The Salafist Movement (SM), along with their secular liberal and progressive leftist allies, have through their devious connivance....    Full story...

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“The journey by COW with the SHAMELESS COWBOYS”

Written By: Sabir
11/08/2013 1:50 08/08/2013 3:23
Thoughts and Ideology

Here, modern democratic system is the “COW”, and “SHAMELESS COWBOYS” are the politicians who are not only fighting with each other for the POWER & MONEY but also corrupting the social and political systems, for which the ordinary people, who are riding the....    Full story...

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