A review of Muhhamad Asad's Tafsir- "The Message of the Quran": A Great Tafsir of the current time

Written By: ShahAbdulHannan
23/06/2014 10:51
Book Review

I became acquainted with the writings of Mahammad Asad, who wrote the Message of the Quran, in 1963 when I was under training in the Finance Services Academy in Lahore, Pakistan. The library of the Academy had the books of Mohammad Asad. I first read his “The Principles of the State and....    Full story...

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Book Review: 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X'

Written By: Bengalist
11/09/2013 22:36
Book Review

I read 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X' in college. As a white, middle-class young man I never would have predicted that the book would have such a profound impact on me. Malcolm X’s life is the story of transformation. It is a transformation I went through with him as I read.....    Full story...

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Protecting and Safeguarding our Children: MCB conference

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
21/06/2013 0:28
Book Review

Today I was chairing the Muslim Council of Britain(MCB) organised conference entitled "Protecting all our children - Tackling Grooming, Safeguarding Children in all Communities. The event was attended by people from all walks of life including voluntary organisations, charities, statutory....    Full story...

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