Bangladesh blocks Facebook and chat apps to stop 'crimes'

Written By: Tojveroul
30/11/2015 12:10 30/11/2015 1:33

To call things tense in Bangladesh would be an understatement: the country recently executed two high-profile leaders for decades-old war crimes, and ISIS (aka Daesh) claims to have killed an Italian priest. However, its government may have gone....    Full story...

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Facebook? For Free?

Written By: yalmaikazi
30/04/2015 13:11
Science and Technology

Facebook? For Free? By Yalmai Kazi   Social media has taken the world by storm providing us a vast, interactive and almost infinite platform to share views and news. It has completely changed the way people interact and make friends. The social media most dominant in Bangladesh is....    Full story...

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Fake News Go Viral

Written By: Aboneel
26/01/2015 12:45
Contemporary Debate

In a bright sunny morning, you log in your facebook account. When homepage appears, you see a news link containing bereavement news of one of the top musicians in your country. You must be shocked and desperately click on that news URL. After clicking and skipping piles of ads; closing irritating....    Full story...

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How to Marketing in website.

Written By: Dhudhu_Baluchar
29/12/2013 11:23

What do you market in a online market? I will suggest a site link is What are you get here? 1. online marketing You all time create here your marketing time. used only paypal, alartpay, Mastercard with all online payment system. 2. social media marketing If....    Full story...

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Facebook Likes reveal surprisingly accurate intimate personal information

Written By: Bengalist
14/03/2013 12:17 13/03/2013 22:08

Surprisingly accurate estimates of users' race, age, IQ, sexuality, personality type, substance use, and political views can be inferred from automated analysis of only their Facebook Likes - information that is by default publicly available. The Cambridge University researchers who....    Full story...

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