Nine Prominent citizen get death threats

Written By: Nazmul
18/08/2016 10:11
Burning Issue

Nine prominet citizen of Bangladesh gets death threat reported Dhaka Tribune. An anonymous letter sent by post to the Dhaka Tribune contains death threats to nine prominent personalities including a Supreme Court Justice. Dhaka Tribune received the letter postmarked Mohammadpur Sub-Post....    Full story...

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Storm tree death crash Muktagacha youth

Written By: manoneshdas
19/04/2015 8:55

Muktagacha Nor'Wester storm trees collapse Jalal Ahmed bhuttu (29) the name of the young man died. The incident took place on Saturday night at Santoshpur kheruyajani Union. Bhuttu stay home during the storm buried trees died.   The Storm at the extensive damage. Basati Union....    Full story...

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What HRW, Amnesty and ICJ say about Quader Molla death sentence

Written By: DavidBergman
24/09/2013 2:19 24/09/2013 2:12
BD War crime trial

Here are the views of two international human rights organizations, and one international jurist organization to the appellate division decision on Quader Mollah which sentenced him on 17 September 2013 to death (see here for details of offense and here for what might happen....    Full story...

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Strange thing about Death

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
02/09/2013 0:31
Religion & Culture

In the last two weeks I have had a number of friends and families losing their loved ones. One of my friends lost his beloved sister who was in her early 30s. She suddenly died of unexplained circumstances. One day she was happy, cheerful and full of life but the next day she was rushed to the....    Full story...

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