Inspectors sent to Town Hall as Eric Pickles launches probe of Tower Hamlets Council

Written By: TowerHamletVoice
04/04/2014 15:15

An inspection is underway at Tower Hamlets Council this morning by government auditors sent by a cabinet minister, following a BBC Panorama investigation into Mayor Lutfur Rahman. Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles Local government secretary Eric Pickes today said he has “appointed....    Full story...

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Tower Hamlets: the mayor, the money and Panorama

Written By: TowerHamletVoice
03/04/2014 0:22 03/04/2014 0:19

The Panorama investigation made a measured case that Lutfur Rahman misuses his resources to cultivate his voter base, but does that really mark him out from other politicians? Written by; Dave Hill Enemies of Lutfur Rahman I contacted last night reported symptoms of mild....    Full story...

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