Is Hefazat nor Democracy left the Shapla squire?

Written By: mahfuj
07/05/2013 8:49
Human rights

5 May night will be count as the black part of our history. Not only hefazat left the Shapla squire but also Democracy left the Bangladesh. 1975 comeback. Workers of Hefazat e Islam not only member of a Islamist group, they also people of our land, who believe in Bangali nationalism, Democracy,....    Full story...

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Genocide in Bangladesh

Written By: Nazmul
07/08/2016 16:18 07/05/2013 1:57
Burning Issue

  I have heard of brutality and despotism in various parts of the world but Hasina, the current Prime Ministers of Bangladesh has broken all records. Hasina and her government have committed colossal genocide on Bangladeshi people yesterday. They have massacred countless men in the....    Full story...

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On the 6th May Carnage of Hefazat-e-Islam's Rally by State Security by Salman Al-Azami

Written By: Nazmul
07/05/2013 0:28
Human rights

I am just astounded by what happened last night and how the government implemented a master plan supported by the appallingly unethical media in Bangladesh. I do not condone any act of vandalism and if any member of Hefazot committed such crime they should be brought to justice. However, the....    Full story...

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May 5 massacre of demonstrators-Asian HRC: BBC Bangla's controversial position

Written By: Nazmul
06/05/2013 13:26
Human rights

News reports from Bangladesh allege that a series of attacks on demonstrators have taken place, at around 3am today, May 6, 2013. The extent of the injuries and death is difficult to be ascertained at the moment. The Daily Star, a Bangladeshi newspaper, gave the figure of deaths....    Full story...

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Dhaka street flooded with Islamist blood: Hefajat activist dispersed by law enforcers operation

Written By: Nazmul
06/05/2013 3:05 06/05/2013 2:47

Image: Scores of deathbody left in the street of Dhaka Image: Deathbody of a Protester taken way by collegues (Courtesy; Amardesh)  Shapla chottor in Dhaka, Bangladesh right now is over poured with blood. Blood is pouring over the asphalt paved street. These bloods are of Aleems....    Full story...

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May 5 Hefajot's Dhaka Siege on International Media

Written By: Nazmul
06/05/2013 2:30 06/05/2013 2:25
Bangladesh in Intl. Media

CNN :  Bangladesh Islamists battle police; 4 dead BBC : Bangladesh police break up Islamist protest in Dhaka Daily Mail UK : Ten dead and hundreds injured as police battle hardline Islamist group demanding death penalty for those who insult Allah Bangkok Post : 10 dead as Bangladesh....    Full story...

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Operation disperse Hefazot started:Mass killing anticipate

Written By: Nazmul
05/05/2013 22:12
Burning Issue

Bangladesh Government set off 10,000 armed personnel to disperse Hefazot gathering in Shapla Sottor, Dhaka. The personel comrpised Rapid action Battalion (RAB), Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Police. Local time 2am this operation started. They started firing at air, using live ammunition.....    Full story...

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Brutality of MAY 5: History will remember

Written By: Nazmul
05/05/2013 20:37 05/05/2013 20:34
Human rights

It's been just few days Bangladesh has lost more than 600 lives (up until now, will add more) by the devastating building collapsed ever happened in the history of the world. Our heart still not recovered from that ache, while nation mourning caused by Savar tragedy, today unfortunate....    Full story...

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Pregnant Women at Rana Plaza: Maternity leave, anyone?

Written By: MohammadHossain
26/04/2013 18:56
Human rights

News reports for the past three days have been abound with reports on the 8 storey building collapse at Savar, the terrible loss of innocent lives and the ongoing rescue operation to rescue the survivors of this horrible tragedy. A news report which magnetically captured my attention was the....    Full story...

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International Crimes Tribunal and Human Rights Violation in Bangladesh

Written By: Invisible
10/04/2013 13:38 10/04/2013 13:17
BD War crime trial

As the intention of forming International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh is highly questioned by many internationally recognized associations here we present another short documentary with few evidences out of many. Please watch the video and put comments there as well as share this with....    Full story...

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Ethnic Cleansing on Rohingya people

Written By: Nazmul
26/03/2013 2:17
Human rights

Where are the so called Human Rights groups ? where is UN ~? where is justice ?      Full story...

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Justice Denied !!

Written By: Nazmul
21/03/2013 0:50 20/03/2013 23:52
Bangladesh in Intl. Media

My school friend Munni, recently I called her long time later. However her father is a police constable and now a days he has to be in Hartal Duties. Munni said, her father told them, anytime anything can be happened to me. Hasina government is nothing but  brutal and autocratic. Her father....    Full story...

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Is “Passport to eternity” banned in Bangladesh?

Written By: Carriganore
19/03/2013 22:42 19/03/2013 17:30
Human rights

When I was young, I used to attend in different Islamic gatherings (Mahfil). In every rural area to small towns in Bangladesh, it’s a common phenomenon that one day a very high profile Islamic cleric will visit and preach Islam. Thousands of followers, mostly from working class people....    Full story...

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Written By: ABUSAIF
19/03/2013 11:56
Human rights

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 2:37 PM Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami 505, Eliphant Road, Bara Maghbazar, Dhaka- 1217, Phone: 9331581, Fax: 8321212 Email:, Web: Date: March 15, 2013. Diplomatic briefing by the Acting Ameer of Bangladesh....    Full story...

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Only Poison can give me peace:Police brutality in Bangladesh

Written By: Nazmul
17/03/2013 19:49

  Bangladesh police have been shooting detained people in the leg. In this video, one first year university student was arrested, blindfolded and shot multiple times in the leg while he was in Police custody. Ultimately that leg had amputated by surgeon. He asks, "What....    Full story...

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