The BD government shutting the voices smartly!

Written By: Sham
19/05/2013 0:45 18/05/2013 5:25
Burning Issue

Provided the situation we are facing right now in Bangladesh, we think the recent circulation of the statement by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) regarding reducing down the uploading speed to 25% for the mass internet users is another big step to stop spreading the....    Full story...

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The Dark Night: A Genocide kept Hidden in Dark #Motijhil (A complete Documentary)

Written By: Sham
18/05/2013 5:28 18/05/2013 5:19
Burning Issue

This is a video which contains clear evidences about what happened in Dhaka (Motijhil), Bangladesh during a protest organized by an organization named Hefazat-e-Islam in 6th may 2013. PLEASE SHARE!!    Full story...

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Bangladesh:2nd most racist country in the World!

Written By: Nazmul
17/05/2013 20:32 17/05/2013 20:28
Social Issues

The global social attitudes study claims that the most racially intolerant populations are all in the developing world, with Bangladesh, Jordan and India in the top five. By contrast, the study of 80 countries over three decades found Western countries were most accepting of other....    Full story...

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Genocide in Bangladesh!

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
17/05/2013 1:46
Human rights

May 7, 2013 I have heard of brutality and despotism in various parts of the world but Hasina, the current Prime Ministers of Bangladesh has broken all records. Hasina and her government have committed colossal genocide on Bangladeshi people yesterday. They have massacred countless men in the....    Full story...

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Government’s malicious intention exposed: State abducted Saydee Witness

Written By: Nazmul
15/05/2013 23:21 15/05/2013 22:41
BD War crime trial

Shukhoronjon Bali was a witness for the prosecution against Maulana Delwar Hossain Saydee in so called International Crime Tribunal(ICT), Bangladesh. Prosecution relied his 19(2) statement to implicate Mr. Sayedee with killing of his brother Bishabali. But Mr. Bali wanted to be a defence witness....    Full story...

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It's time to overthrow Hasina by mass revolution: British MP George Galloway

Written By: Nazmul
14/05/2013 22:55
Human rights

George Galloway a British MP spoken against Bangladesh Governemnt for thei Mass killing on May 6, 2013. He said genocide in May 6 is worst than 9/11 in USA.    Full story...

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Another extrajudicial killing in Bangladesh !

Written By: Nazmul
12/05/2013 17:00 12/05/2013 16:57
Human rights

Shahadat Hossain(25), a opposition party activist in Rajshahi. Shahadat went to Dhaka on 4 May 2013 to court for his regular presence in a case. His relatives said after 4 May they could not find him and eventually he was missing. After 4 May , 12 May at dawn Shahadat's dead body was found....    Full story...

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A Survey of Public Opinion on the Present Political Crisis in Bangladesh

Written By: jahiddu
12/05/2013 0:41 11/05/2013 18:46

                 “Public Opinion on the Present Political Crisis in Bangladesh” Author: Jahidul Islam, Abdul Hannan, Abdus Salam, Abdullah Al-Mamun Abstract This article contains the public opinion on the present political crisis of....    Full story...

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Disgusting myth of the Hefazat burning the Quran: The Lies

Written By: MohammadHossain
17/05/2013 16:43 11/05/2013 8:37
Burning Issue

A recent item in the news was the burning of the Quran at the South gate of Baitul Mokarram at Dhaka in Bangladesh. This was covered widely by various media outlets. In addition to the various television media such as Shomoy TV, Ekattor TV, BTV, GTV, ETV and others who broadcast heart....    Full story...

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The lies: Bangladesh Govt Press Statement on #5May massacre

Written By: MohammadHossain
11/05/2013 8:32
Burning Issue

  Brutality of police action on 5th May at Paltan. Photo credit: Mirza H.K. On May 6, 2013 at around 2:30 am, a reported 10 thousand members of police, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), along with the armed cadres of the....    Full story...

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6 May Dhaka Massacre: Eye witness with exclusive footage

Written By: Nazmul
11/05/2013 3:06 11/05/2013 3:05
Human rights

This is the scenario Innocent civilian never expect, neither Bangladesh can realise that in an Independent country atrocity like this can happend. Bangladesh is trying in a trial for the Genocide that took place 42 years before. How long it will take to try the Genocide that just took place few....    Full story...

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Law-enforcing agencies took away bodies by trucks and covered vans :Odhikar Press statement

Written By: Nazmul
07/05/2013 23:52 07/05/2013 23:49
Human rights

Odhikar (means rights in English) a renowned Human Rights organisation based in Dhaka Bangladesh given a press statement on recent Genocide that took place on May 6. Here is follow the uncut version of their press statement. Odhikar condemns the indiscriminate killing of hundreds of unarmed....    Full story...

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Is Hefazat nor Democracy left the Shapla squire?

Written By: mahfuj
07/05/2013 8:49
Human rights

5 May night will be count as the black part of our history. Not only hefazat left the Shapla squire but also Democracy left the Bangladesh. 1975 comeback. Workers of Hefazat e Islam not only member of a Islamist group, they also people of our land, who believe in Bangali nationalism, Democracy,....    Full story...

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Genocide in Bangladesh

Written By: Nazmul
07/08/2016 16:18 07/05/2013 1:57
Burning Issue

  I have heard of brutality and despotism in various parts of the world but Hasina, the current Prime Ministers of Bangladesh has broken all records. Hasina and her government have committed colossal genocide on Bangladeshi people yesterday. They have massacred countless men in the....    Full story...

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On the 6th May Carnage of Hefazat-e-Islam's Rally by State Security by Salman Al-Azami

Written By: Nazmul
07/05/2013 0:28
Human rights

I am just astounded by what happened last night and how the government implemented a master plan supported by the appallingly unethical media in Bangladesh. I do not condone any act of vandalism and if any member of Hefazot committed such crime they should be brought to justice. However, the....    Full story...

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