Bdnews24 feeds the frenzy: Another yellow report against the Hefazat in Bangladesh

Written By: MohammadHossain
30/05/2013 6:29 30/05/2013 6:22

I seem to have lost the count of the times I have been berating the Daily Star and bdnews24 for their well planned acts to morally sabotage selected sections of the society, a.k.a yellow journalism. Bdnews24 has tried opening another avenue to insult Hefazat-e-Islam. This was via a news article....    Full story...

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Garments in Bangladesh: Still neglected

Written By: MohammadHossain
29/05/2013 17:49 29/05/2013 17:48
Social Issues

At least ten people were injured in a clash between the workers of readymade garment (RMG) and police at Shewrapara in Kafrul thana of the capital today Wednesday. Police and witnesses said a meeting on wage-hike was scheduled between the workers and the authorities of MM Shirt Garment at its....    Full story...

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Babunagari gets bail !

Written By: Bangladesh
29/05/2013 15:11
Human rights

Secretary General of Hefajat-E-Islam Mawlana Junaid  Babunagari is in life support in Hospital. Earlier he was in police custody. Police tortured him in the name of interrogation. Social media reports police clawed him, tortured him by electric shock  and he was beaten by sticks....    Full story...

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Rise of investment free capitalism in Bangladesh

Written By: HarunurRashid
27/05/2013 21:04

The freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for an independent Bangladesh hardly knew that their blood would create a country where capitalism would have a free, unfettered rise. Along with political freedom what they had foremost in mind was economic freedom for the entire population. But....    Full story...

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In Bangladesh, it is (an unofficial) crime to be Shibir

Written By: MohammadHossain
25/05/2013 18:57
Law and Order

The 25th of May was like just another normal day to the many in the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. The day was cloudy; the temperature was down; it was cloudy and the greatest fact of all, it was a government holiday. But what seemed a nigh perfect day for meeting up with friends and family....    Full story...

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Latif on Mozena’s statement in Parliament

Written By: HarunurRashid
25/05/2013 13:27

According to a media report, the subcommittee of the Trade Policy Staff committee (TPSC) is due to submit its recommendations to US President Barack Obama at the end of this month. It has already held several rounds on the GSP benefits for Bangladeshi products. The GSP or Generalized System of....    Full story...

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Shamim not first,Delwar is not last:State Terrorism continues in Bangladesh

Written By: Nazmul
24/05/2013 15:09 24/05/2013 15:05
Human rights

Each and every day we are getting news of severe human rights violation  in Bangladesh by law enforcement agencies. Observing the horrific crisis, I feel like I am not even able to express my awe properly. I can say for sure, every conscious Bangladeshi is in trauma witnessing the terror....    Full story...

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Amnesty Human Rights Report Bangladesh 2013: Important Observations

Written By: MohammadHossain
23/05/2013 23:01
Human rights

The main opposition party of Bangladesh, the BNP, nailed it when they said that the 2013 Amnesty report on Bangladesh was the tip of the iceberg. What the amnesty report has alluded to is huge, and as reports of other human rights organizations such as Odhikar and Human Rights Watch have....    Full story...

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Historical Role of Religion in Society and politics of Bangladesh

Written By: HarunurRashid
24/05/2013 12:32 23/05/2013 19:03
Muslim History

It was as early as the 7th century that Islam as a religion made its way into the life of the people of East Bengal. The Prophet’s (pbuh) maternal uncle Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas paid his third visit to China as the head of an embassy sent by the third Caliph Uthman (RA) in 651, less than....    Full story...

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Hasanul Haq Inu, Slimey Minister of Misinformation

Written By: MohammadHossain
23/05/2013 0:52

Remember Aung San Suu Kyi? She was a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Those were the days when she was an oppressed citizen of Burma. Today she is a lawmaker, the leader of the opposition in Burma. Yet the country has been witness to a systematic genocide of the Rohingya by its ruling elite and she has....    Full story...

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Sukharanjan Bali, the BBC and Bangladesh’s media

Written By: DavidBergman
22/05/2013 1:51
BD War crime trial

  When New Age decided to go ahead and publish its story based on a statement given by Sukharanjan Bali in which he confirmed his abduction from outside the gates of the international crimes tribunal, the paper knew that there would be many within the government and the media - at least....    Full story...

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AlJazeera Listening Post: Are they really Listening?

Written By: FatimaZahra
20/05/2013 21:39

I used to have a lot of respect for Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera in Arabic translates as 'The Island', that is proudly independent from the uniform voices of the distorted partisan mainland media. And initially for a few years Al-Jazeera was a lone brave voice. Now the Island has joined the....    Full story...

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May the Almighty always be with you Brother..........

Written By: MohammadHossain
20/05/2013 14:02 20/05/2013 13:42
Human rights

Some feelings are unexplainable. Some emotions cannot be accounted for. Shibir President Delwar Hossain was brought to court today. A nation saw his condition and millions wept, unable to do a thing. Such is the rule of law embedded in the hearts of millions of innocents, yet violated at will by....    Full story...

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Removal of internet ban in Bangladesh: A hollow victory?

Written By: MohammadHossain
19/05/2013 16:25
Burning Issue

It was a victory for the internet activism. The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC), on Sunday, informed all International Internet Gateways (IIGs) of its decision to remove any ban on the upload speed. Previously, it had issued directives on the 16th of May to cut the....    Full story...

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Starring Reshma!

Written By: Nazmul
18/05/2013 21:56
Contemporary Debate

  Image: Reshma in press conference  The following are the two typical plots of a Bengali movie. In the fist, a villain kidnaps the heroine and the hero dramatically appears to rescue her. The hero then fights with the villain, who has elicited the help of his supporters, and....    Full story...

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