Babunagari gets bail !

Written By: Bangladesh
29/05/2013 15:11
Human rights

Secretary General of Hefajat-E-Islam Mawlana Junaid  Babunagari is in life support in Hospital. Earlier he was in police custody. Police tortured him in the name of interrogation. Social media reports police clawed him, tortured him by electric shock  and he was beaten by sticks....    Full story...

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If Turkey can why not Bangladesh ? Blogger sentenced for blasphemy

Written By: Bangladesh
23/05/2013 10:27 23/05/2013 9:08
Religion & Culture

In Bangladesh, some bloggers have been writing against religious belief particularly against Islam. Even after the ruling from court ,Bangladesh government ignored and did not take any action against them. Eventually 'Daily Amardesh' published the hate speech of the bloggers and people....    Full story...

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