State Power Is Not Father’s Property

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
08/04/2013 1:23

  Lately Govt has sent 10 BNP leaders including Fakhrul and Maudud to the jail denying their bail. Earlier 138 BNP leaders and workers have been sent to jail. What non-sense the govt is doing? The power by which they are doing this kind of act is nothing but the democratic power. Nature of....    Full story...

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Unite to punish the atheist bloggers.

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
03/04/2013 21:13

Bangladesh at this moment of time, early April 2013, is experiencing an unfortunate kind of situation. People are much divided, govt practically have no control, police actions are questionable, appointment of judges is a pathetic fallacy of misjudgement, too many MPs and Ministers are not....    Full story...

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Destroying Institutions in Bangladesh

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
01/04/2013 16:22

  Awami League, Juba League and Chatra League cadres, with the blank cheque of the present govt. is systematically DESTROYING THE INSTITUTIONS  in Bangladesh. By the word ‘‘institution’’ I don’t mean buildings and structures of School, College or....    Full story...

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BD Army Chief to visit India.

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
31/03/2013 19:43

Is BD Army Chief going to visit India soon? This has come in the news. The country named Bangladesh is in deep political crisis today. The present totalitarian govt (though elected in a manipulated and disputed election in 2008) of Awami League have failed to control the situation, bring....    Full story...

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