Please find questions below for walking for justice

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28/03/2013 13:37 28/03/2013 12:23

Questions:   1.​Starting point Your march arrived in London on 26th March.  Where and when did it start?   2.​Distance Some of your publicity states that the march started in Oldham (which is approximately 225 miles away from London, by road). Some of your....    Full story...

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East London News report

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28/03/2013 21:33 28/03/2013 12:21

London Bangla exposes partisan FCO employee Posted on 27 March 2013 by eln Ronnie Mirza An investigation carried out by London Bangla has revealed that former TV presenter Ronnie Mirza, a well known figure in the Bangladeshi community, has made partisan....    Full story...

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