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Only Poison can give me peace:Police brutality in Bangladesh

Written By: Nazmul
17/03/2013 19:49


Bangladesh police have been shooting detained people in the leg. In this video, one first year university student was arrested, blindfolded and shot multiple times in the leg while he was in Police custody. Ultimately that leg had amputated by surgeon. He asks, "What did I do wrong?"  “Only poison would give me peace now”, imagine the suffering.

Another man was shot 6 times in the leg, targeted in the same place. He was arrested in the morning with good physical condition but in the evening he found in hospital, subsequently having to also endure amputation. He states tearfully, "if they had taken me to court, I would have proven my innocence." Both these men were detained and shot on suspicion of being from the opposition Islamist party Jamaat e Islami. A representative from Human rights group 'Odhikar' has called for the arrest of officers guilty of such conduct and demanded they be brought to justice by the law.

This is the scenarios of current Bangladesh. There are incident where Police arrest activist and then taken them to the roof of high storey building, from there they have been thrown to ground. Death at scene! When media went, police says this "Criminal" jumped from the roof to escape from arrest!!


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