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Is Bangladesh going to be 29th State of India?

Written By: Nazmul
17/03/2013 18:17 17/03/2013 17:36
Burning Issue

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is marching to Bangladesh tomorrow. popular Indian Daily  The Hindu reported as;

The BJP will organise ‘long march to Dhaka’ on Monday next to protest alleged atrocities on religious minorities in Bangladesh. The party has raised five-point demands to ensure safety and defend rights of minority groups in the neighbouring country.

BJP’s Tripura state president Sunil Dasgupta informed on Saturday that hundreds of party workers and supporters would try to breach border at Akhaura in Agartala on March 18. He said central leaders of the party have approved the agitation programme.

The report also claimed ; Minorities had counted 46 per cent in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, at time of partition in 1947 and the figure reduced to 28 per cent in 1970. Hindus now count 10 per cent.

The justification of BJP's roarer is based on false information which is feed by Pro-Government Media in Bangladesh. The Media of Bangladesh ironically made minority issues to divert international attention from govt brutality, mass killing. Now they are successful in achieving objective. To see the real facts about Minorities persecution In Bangladesh you must read this article Persecution On minorities and Awami Government's politicization ..

Today another Bangladesh Daily Newspaper reported   that the Management committee of two affected temple in Lakshimpur denied Jamaat involvement in recent attack on their tample(See; English version of the news). It is government thugs who attacked, vandalised minorites houses, temple to shift blame. Whatever now happens in Bangladesh, nothing to worry just Blame Jamaat,everything is justified if you blame Jamaat. more than 150 people killed since february 28th, govt still balming Jamaat.

We Bangladeshi know the India's role in current Bangladesh crisis. It is more clear now to ordinary people through BJP's Provocation. We are aware the India's ultimate goal about Bangladesh. Let me remind you about the story of Sikkim. Once an independent country became indian state. I am qouting from wiki to give you a little sense about Sikkim.

In 1947, when India became independent, a popular vote rejected Sikkim's joining the Indian Union, and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehruagreed to a special protectorate status for Sikkim. Sikkim came under the suzerainty of India, which controlled its external affairs, defence, diplomacy and communications, but Sikkim otherwise retained administrative autonomy. A state council was established in 1953 to allow for constitutional government under the Chogyal. Meanwhile, the Sikkim National Congress demanded fresh elections and greater representation for Nepalis in Sikkim.Palden Thondup Namgyal, the Chogyal at the time, proved to be extremely unpopular with the people, and in 1973, riots in front of the Chogyal's palace led to a formal request for protection from India.

In 1975, the Prime Minister of Sikkim appealed to the Indian Parliament for Sikkim to become a state of India. In April of that year, the Indian Army took over the city of Gangtok and disarmed the Chogyal's palace guards. Thereafter, a referendum was held in which 97.5 per cent of voters supported abolishing the monarchy, effectively approving union with India. On 16 May 1975, Sikkim became the 22nd state of the Indian Union, and the monarchy was abolished. To enable the incorporation of the new state, the Indian Parliamentamended the Indian Constitution. First, the 35th Amendment laid down a set of conditions that made Sikkim an "Associate State," a special designation not used by any other state. Later, the 36th Amendment repealed the 35th Amendment, and made Sikkim a full state, adding its name to the First Schedule of the Constitution (See details here )

The current situation in Bangladesh is not different than Sikkim in 1975. India had failed in 1975 to occupy Bangladesh. Now they are trying again. I wont be surprise if we see Our Prime minister call Delhi Admin to send their troops in the name of saving Bangladesh from current unrest and start operating as they did to Sikkim.  


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