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Brutal Police & Doctors: No Treatment for Injured Shibir Men

Written By: peacedoctor
16/03/2013 15:45 16/03/2013 15:09
Law and Order

The ongoing conflict in Bangladesh is worsening day by day as the Police are now behaving in an unimaginably inhuman way with the injured & arrested Shibir activists in Bangladesh.

A few weeks ago, an activist of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir was arrested from Dhaka University by the Police. He was already severely injured when he was handed over to the Police by Chhatralegue men. Chhatraleague men had captured him the night before on recieving information that he was involved with Shibir. They had beaten him seriously, breaking his jaw and injuring him terribly. After handing him over to the Police, the situation got worse. Police enhanced his injuries by severely torturing him and breaking one of his arms. Imagine the condition of this brilliant student of the best University of Bangladesh.

Later, his relatives tried endlessly to get an order from the court to take him to the hospital for treatment. Alas, the doors of the court are shut towards any such request. At last, after a week or so had passed, the court issued an order to the Police to take him to the hospital for medical attention. In the mean time, the student did not recieve any treatment what so over as he was shifted to the Central Jail. He had stopped eating as he could not open his mouth due to severe pain in the jaw. 

At first, he was taken to Dhaka Medical College, but was refused treatment there. Then he was taken to BSMMU, the only Medical University of the country. A Doctor agreed to look into the case. But as there was hint of political involvement in the case, the Doctor, an active Awami League supporter, intentionally delayed the treatment for several days. Now here is the trick, delay the treatment for one day and you have to get a fresh order from the court for the next appointment with the Doctor. The Doctor used this cruel method to delay the treatment. He missed several appoinments on various causes, hence delaying the treatment of the now critically ill brother.

At last, the student recieved treatment today. Normally in cases like this, the patient is to be admitted a day or two before the surgical procedure as pre-operative measures are needed to be taken. Further, the patient is to be admitted for post-operative follow-up in case of any complications arising from the surgery. The Police did not allow any of this. The patient was taken to the jail moments after the surgery was completed. Further, the Head of the Department, also an activist of Awami League, refused to co-operate and handed him over to the Police right after surgery. This is unethical in every medical ethics standard as the Doctor is responsible for the patient until he/she has fully recovered from his/her injuries. But it seems as if the medical ethics standards look away when any Shibir men comes towards it in Bangladesh. 

How much more can the Islamic movement take in Bangladesh? When Doctors, based on Political belief, differentiate among his patients, refuse to provide treatment, and even when reluctantly providing treatment, does not take any responsibility for his actions, what is left to be said?

No treatment for injured Shibir men; is that the new motto of the Bangladeshi govt.?


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