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Awami supporters’ provocation for mass killing and civil war in Bangladesh

Written By: Nabeel
16/03/2013 18:00 16/03/2013 6:14


Here is an example of the mindset of pro-Awami League people in Bangladesh. They are the ones, who started the culture of mob-killing in open day light by beating several persons to death in Dhaka in 28 October, 2006. Since then, Bangladesh has gradually become a failed state standing in the brink of a civil war. Awami League supporters’ earnest intention to put Bangladesh in complete havoc and civil war is manifested here in a blog post in Bengali which I have translated literally into English in the following:


“There is no use of shouting slogans, peoples have to perform a coup-d’état while putting the freedom fighters in leading roles. Then every area/suburb should be declared as Jamaat-Shibir free zone one by one by killing their associates there. Independent Bangladesh is merely a strategic name which still remains as the occupied East-Pakistan, and the war is still going on behind the scene. Let this war of 42 years be finished now.”

-- screenshot 

If Bangladesh was a civil state, this person was to be brought into punishment by civil law. But now, this community blog ‘somewhereinblog’ retain this blog and support this sort of bloggers. Now, the Awami fascist government of Bangladesh supports this blogger and proudly announces him as patriot. Now, Bangladesh media explains the provocation for ethnic cleansing as call of so-called patriotism. 


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Bangladesh Failed State Civil War 


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