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A journey filled with horror, excitement to Kantajew Temple , Dinajpur

Written By: Rased
12/04/2015 7:49 12/04/2015 7:20

In a fine afternoon in the middle of 2012, I, my younger brother rohan, cousin palash and my intimate friend Shahjahan kabir (we usually call him Emperor Shahjahan) started our journey from dinajpur town to the famous KANTAJEW TEMPLE, dinajpur by a passenger carrier which the local people usually called VOTVOTI.  We set off at around 3.00 pm. The site is about 20 Km from the center point of dinajpur town. It usually a one hour journey but it took almost two hours for us to reach the destination. Instead of hiring a mini microbus, we took a VOTVOTI to minimize the cost. I had no previous experience to travel as a passenger in a vehicle like this. My journey was full of fraught as the votvoti was playing on the highway. It made lot of sound which was nearly unbearable. The break system was manual and controlling the vehicle was very dangerous. Anyway we made the journey. we got off in a place called TERO MILE (thirteen mile) and we had to walk for about a one and half mile since the road communication was broken in that time due to the ongoing construction work of a river bridge along that very route.

Along the bridge that was under construction in that time, there was a makeshift bamboo bridge which the local people made for the convenience. Since we were outsider we had been charged about 10 taka per person for using the temporary bamboo bridge. With all these nuisance we reached the desired destination. The temple is located inside a village. The village is beyond the touch of modern facilities. Though the tourism corporation of Bangladesh built a porjoton motel near the temple, we found it shut and about a foot long grass dancing their blade with the breeze. We saw the female members also working to support (which usually not very common in Bangladesh) their families. Kids were playing may be they are drop out from school or never gone school before.

As we were inside the temple premise, I became astonished. How artistic our people were, how fastidious, how assiduous they were. Each of the brick depicts a particular events or part of history by a picture which is not painted rather curved. Since i am not an art buff and i have very little study on art my explanation may not seems interesting but I was totally impressed with the art work that was carried out to establish the temple century before. 

We all took some photographs to make our visit memorable. As we were returning it was twilight, we crossed the river, took the votvoti and came to dinajpur. Many many thanks to my bosom friend Kabri for giving me the experience of  a horror journey and remarkably wonderful place to visit. The next day I returned to my workplace. If I get another chance to visit the site I must not miss it. 

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