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Towards a new liberation for Bangladesh

Written By: PathikRasel
09/04/2015 10:19

Me, along with many other freinds of our generation have not seen the liberation war of 1971. Yet, we have heard about it, read about it, and also thought about it from the deepest of our heart. We felt proud for having a free and independent country of our own! 

The 1971 liberation war ended more than four decades ago. We fought against the tyranny and injustices done to the Bangladeshis by the Pakistani government, and won the right to excercise our own freedom in this new land. However throughout the four decades, we have not yet been truly freed from the injustices and deprivation of rights committed by a segment of the state over the other large segment. We have not yet been able to come out of the circle of prejudiced 'privileged' attitude of a small part of the population over the major part - who are thought to be 'foreign' in their own lands! Although this small segment changes with the change of government, the picture remains the same!

We have not yet been able to come out of the outspread menaces of injustice, corruption, embezzlement, deprivation from the major rights including freedom from poverty, right to basic healthcare, right to shelter, safety and security, right to eat and live among many other primary rights. We have yet to experience a government truly sincere towards the nation, uncompromising with its sovereignty and security, working for a progressed economy and elevating the nation state to a better place to live. We are still eagerly waiting for such a government to come!

Despite all the killing, rape, plunders, kidnapping, destruction and all evil a person can think of which is going on in the present day Bangladesh, we are very hopeful to see a generation with full of vigour and innovation, filled with intelligence and farsightedness, to come forward and help our system change to a better. We dream of a new freedom - a freedom that can put our past aside and take us all forward to a better Bangladesh. The hope is on the next generation. 

We are waiting for a new liberation war, to liberate us from corruption, injustice, ignorance, extremism and backwardness. We want to move forward to a free, fair, just, tolerant, intelligible and progressive Bangladesh. The day is not very far ahead!

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