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street children got books

Written By: manoneshdas
03/04/2015 14:13

To people and spread the light of education and enlightened people Commitment is progressing 'Tarunna', the name of a voluntary service organization.  the series social welfare work of street children and the underprivileged children in the park, they founded the city Mymensingh  Bipin park 'Tarunna projapoti School, a school.  the slum underprivileged children around the park have the opportunity to learn from them. Teaching them to maintain the momentum of the movement is to be distributed to educational materials.
Friday afternoon, the Seminary of temporary youth was present as the chief guest bipin parke educational materialas  delivery time  Mymensingh Municipality Mayor Ikramul Haq tito .
Tarunna organizations were also present at Dhaka Commerce College Advisor and Chairman of Abu Md held, tarunna advisor Dr. Ananda College, Department of Zoology. Didarula Islam.
Addressing as chief guest, Mr. Mayor Tito Ikramul Haq praised the great initiative for tarunna organizations and tarunna thanked members. He can not be in vain in this labor taruna. They did not spend the money for himself, for the education of disadvantaged children is cost. Tarunna wish success in the social services, tarunna will always remain the mayor announced.
The book festival was conducted tarunna president Hasan al Maqsudul. In the meantime, all members of the organization were present. / see picture link here

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Mymensingh street children got books Municipality Mayor Ikramul Haq tito 


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