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Rights or Responsibilities ?

Written By: Nazmul
18/03/2013 0:24 13/03/2013 20:48
Social Issues

Every year we celebrate Human rights day on 10 December. On 2011, I was rebutting on Human rights in a parliamentary debate competition , celebrating Human rights day in a University campus. However my view on Human rights was  changed that day .

Former chief Justice Abdur Rouf attended the program as Chief guest. I listened to his splendid speech with grave concentration. Though i forgot most of his words, I can still remember one point of him that changed my view on Human Rights concept  magically, that I never thought before.

He was talking about Human Rights as the program is to celebrate International Human Rights day. Justice Rouf strongly believes, the concept of Human Rights is a 100% wrong concept. He argued with some examples to prove that, Human responsibility is the most appropriate word which can bring Human rights automatically. If Each and every Human being consciously acting on  responsibilities or performing responsibilities perfectly, there should not be anyone who will be deprived of Human rights.

He said, If we want to have fresh air for fresh Oxygen, which is must to live,we have to act on some sort of responsibilities, like not to harm nature. So performing one responsibility we get one feedback, which fulfills our right.

Same way, if in a society categorically everyone ensure performing responsibilities honestly, the following outcome is a balance society, where nobody gonna complain on Human Rights.

I found him so confident on his words and I promised myself I would find out my responsibilities to act upon those. Our best examples are our parents. Our parents act upon their responsibilities, thats why we grow up with their love and facilities they provide us. How, if our parents leave us when we need them in our childhood ? If they abandon their responsibilities towards us ? Our lives would be certainly horrible , isnt it ?

The same way if a officer is not responsible to his responsibilities, if a teacher is not responsible towards his students, If people are not careful to secure nature from any harm, If politicians forget forever that its their responsibility to work for the betterment of the society, if neighbors forget their responsibilities towards, a society finally goes unbalanced in catastrophic way. Rights always follow responsibilities.

If one responsibility is done, instantly one human right is given.

So, lets find out our responsibilities before we expect any right for us.... 

Finally I would love to share one of my favorite songs ... 

''Where have all the Flowers gone ?

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