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Police torture in Bangladesh: 1

Written By: Nabeel
16/03/2013 6:23 11/03/2013 14:35

It was calm in night, 1:00 am in Dhaka. Some polices took someone from his house to their police station and shot eight times in his legs. Cold blooded, without any provocation, shooting a prisoner inside four walls. Only reason is that he is an activist of Jamaat, the Islamic political party of Bangladesh. 
One of his leg had to be severed today (11.03.2013) in operation theatre. He was a mid-level employee in a private company, having his wife and three children in home. 
Who will answer to this injustice? How a state, Bangladesh, will stand this oppression and gross human rights violation? Bangladesh is a jungle state now where might is the only right. Where is the keeper of human rights? Where is United Nations? At least give a weapon to that person so that he can take his justified revenge, cause no court in Bangladesh will provide justice to him or punishment for those polices and government thugs. 

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