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A challenge to Bangladeshi government and its supporters!

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
30/10/2014 23:15

Jamate Islami (JI) was founded by Abul A’laa Maududi originally in India in 1941, it then moved to West Pakistan in 1947 and in 1971 opened its independent organization in Bangladesh. The basic philosophy of the organization has been to bring about socio-political change in society and establish an Islamic state based on Islamic political philosophy. When Pakistan was being formed it played a significant role in establishing a state for the Muslims of India.

I have always maintained my principle opposition to curving up India based on religious affiliation of Indians – India for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims. The arbitrary division of the country has created a long-term pressure cooker for ethnic and religious tension that every now and again erupts into mass murder and carnage. To me this is a predictable outcome of the entire divide and rule colonial policy. There are more Muslims living in India today than in Pakistan and Bangladesh. If Pakistan was created for Muslims and India for Hindus what are so many Muslim doing in India?

Pakistan was further divided into Bangladesh by a protracted and bloody war. During the war of independence many intellectuals and political activists did not support the “throwing the baby with the bath water” solution cooked up by a handful of ultra nationalist in Bangladesh and at the direct Indian involvement. They wanted to stay united with Pakistan and solve the problem instead of sever the country.

Today in Bangladesh the JI leaders who are being put through the farcical war crimes tribunal is not only making a mockery of those who gave up their lives while protecting the honour of the men, women and children but they are also bringing the entire judicial process to disrepute. Of course those who are guilty of war crimes must be tried for their crimes but in a court that that is credible, in a process that is independent from political interference and most importantly one that garners moral support confidence of the masses of Bangladeshi population and the international community.

Unfortunately, this tribunal has delivered nothing but most outrageous judicial blunders. We have seen the illegal state sponsored political execution by hanging of Abdul Qader Mollah, whose guilt was never proven beyond any reasonable doubt yet hanged! Anyone even questioning or remotely doubting his guilt becomes the victim of the vilest diatribe from Awami League (AL) party activists and totally irrational secular fundamentalists.

In any civilized legal system, everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty and the decision to take life by the judicial process must be based on absolute facts and 100% certainty. In Mollah’s case whether Mollah was actually the Khoshai Kader of 71 was never proven and no eyewitness account was ever presented to the tribunal. The prosecutions entire case was based on hearsay and assumptions. He was hanged despite all the judicial flaws!

The same applies to Delwar Hussain Sayeedi. In the case of Sayeedi, he is being alleged as someone else by the name of Delu Shikdar and the initial death sentence issued on Sayeedi was actually a verdict on Delu Shikdar. The funny thing is Delu Shikdar’s brother is still alive, despite his protestation about Sayeedi being falsely sold, as Delu Shikdar was never even listened to by the tribunal. Sayeedi was accused of ordering the murder of a Hindu man in 1971. Sukhranjan Bali, the brother of the men whom the JI leader was accused of murdering, was apparently abducted from outside the tribunal gates as he was on the way to provide testimony on behalf of Sayedee. Again the identity of Sayeedi is being questioned and confused with someone else.

Gulam Azom, May God have mercy on his soul, has passed away while serving his life sentence in Bangladeshi prison hospital. Was Golam Azom truly involved in mass murder, arson and rape? What evidence was put forward? Was opposing the independence of Bangladesh and calling for the unity of Pakistan such a big crime that the current government had to frame people and prosecute them with fictitious charges? Now that Golam Azom is dead, the truth will never be known but one thing is for sure, there will never be a solid line drawn under the war crimes of 1971. Who was responsible, who perpetrated it and how does a nation truly heal after such a traumatic experience.

In my view it can only be done when the South African route is followed – set up a truth and reconciliation commission, not truth and execution squad! Human beings are capable of healing, forgiving and moving on and also capable of perpetrating genocide based on revenge and vindictive narrative. I am afraid the current Bangladeshi government is pandering to the latter! Forgiveness through reconciliation is liberating but holding on is soul destroying. What Bangladesh needs is healing!

Motiur Rahman Nizami is waiting to be hanged and the fate of Kamruzzam will probably be the same. All based on hearsay and fictitious tales, no eye witnesses and no real evidence! No matter how many JI leaders are hanged by AL government one thing is certain, history will never forget or forgive those who perpetrate injustice. I have a very strong conviction that AL government, its secular fundamentalists senior leadership and irrational supporters will one day face the same fate as they are currently dishing out to JI leadership. Injustice breeds hatred; hatred breed revenge and revenge leads to further injustices. I am afraid they will one day face the hanging noose around their necks unless something is done to stop this cycle of hatred!

We can end this stupidity and politically motivated kangaroo courts set up by Hasina the most vindictive and Hitler like leader of Bangladesh ever. Here is a reasonable change from me, Ajmal Masroor. I know I am a no body in the world of dirty and disgusting politics but I believe I am a reasonable human being who wishes to see an end to this mess in Bangladesh. My challenge is simple prove Sayeedi is actually Delu Shikdar or dismantle this monstrosity called international crimes tribunal.

It is simple in the 21st century world to establish identity with DNA test. I will pay for all reasonable cost of a DNA identity test of Sayeedi and a DNA identity test of Delu Shikdar’s brother or any members of his family. If they match then the government has a case and Sayeedi should face his fate but if they don’t match the government has no case and their entire war crimes tribunal will be seen as a sham. This is an open challenge!

Can somebody from the high offices of Bangladesh please take up this challenge and please prove me wrong!

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