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Social Media Marketing - Making customers devoted

Written By: Fariha
13/07/2014 9:57 13/07/2014 9:05

If you want to collect information about different things, places, products, companies, etc at the same time? Is it getting harder for you to go through the whole research process? Well, it is not that hard to gather information in a row when you have social media working for you. Presently, many social media sites like facebook, twitter, Google+ are bringing new innovative ways to expand communication and interaction among people. You can easily get an access to these sites and be updated with the present hearsay.

Social Media Sites

You must be thinking about how social media is helping us? Let us look at the most frequent problems that we face daily.

1.      Buying a dress or accessories: Feel like shopping but don’t want to face all that traffic jam.

 2.      News update: reading newspapers to get daily update of the world around us might be a long and tiring process. People might not get enough time, as a result surfing the news on internet while accessing facebook might be a good idea.

 3.      Knowing about different places and its people and their lifestyle: Want to visit a place but very confused!

All these issues can be solved easily through different pages of social media. Facebook offers numerous pages where you can frequently ask questions to solve your queries.

The most popular pages on facebook are the fashion wear pages, food banks, gadget and gear, Robi Axiata limited etc. For example,

  • Fashion boutique Butterfly by Shagufta sell the most trendy and latest designed clothes at a very reasonable price.


  • At Food banks foodie people discuss about different types of food with their prices that are available in our city.


  • Robi Axiata Limited is solving all their customers’ problems through this page. In this way Robi is interacting with their customers and selling their current offers in a very friendly manner.


  • We can also enquire about electronics by visiting Gadget & Gear.


There are also plenty of pages like travelling agency, tuition provider, and education consultancy in facebook where we can post freely at any time of the day and get a satisfactory suggestion to solve our day to day problems.

All these pages in social media involve continuous interactions and communications among people of different places, countries which also provide a free platform for them to share their ideas for which social media is most renowned today. 

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